Richard Sachs CX (CFR ATMO)

Got $4k?

Richard Sachs Cyclocross 56cm Complete Bike Campagnolo Record Frame Fork | eBay

PS: Would ride.

The seller also has this…

Speedvagen by Vanilla Single Speed Cyclocross 56cm Complete Bike Frame Fork | eBay

Wants thousands of dollars for bikes…

Takes non-drive side photos

just no

Well, the rest of the photos are good, but the descriptions have a lot to be desired.

this is xxxjahxxx of Velocpede forum always selling custom high value framesets

sorry paceline forum…

Speedvagen SSCX, Moots Mooto-X Sliders + S&S Couplers, Richard Sachs Cyclocross - The Paceline Forum

Too big for me so I don’t care.

I’m surprised he’s including the forks, a few of the CX framesets he was selling on eBay last year would only have the forks included if you chose BIN.

Richard Sachs Atmo Steel Team Cyclocross Bicycle 55cm Frame Fork Sram | eBay

seems he likes his sachs builds. i can understand that.

Would ride.

Srsly “meh”…

As if people are waiting 6 years for these when they pop up for sale so frequently…

It really is interesting, considering that he doesn’t even do “custom” frames as such. Not anymore anyway.

I don’t really see the appeal beyond the hype.

It’s just a steel frame, I would rather have a Kumo.

I’m with drozzy.


Cept it’ll be custom, as opposed to you’ll fit what i give you atmo. also, cheaper.

and the price difference between a kumo and a llewellyn…or an rsatmo and an already built llewellyn?

probably significant.
an already built llewellyn is much cheaper than RS, and a kumo is gonna be cheaper than a new llewellyn.
depends on what you want to pay for custom.
Not sure what your point is.

the eternal debate on what is better…everything is better than everything else.

and the fact i have ample time up my sleeve today for discussing.