Richie Rich.

Richard Sachs 56cm Road Bike

given what it is, that’s not a bad price

If I had the money…

Really? I get that there’s a fair bit of exclusivity with a Sachs but for the money, and given that the parts aren’t exactly jaw dropping, would you guys go something like this when you could get you’re own Kenevans (as an example) with you’re choice of top shelf bits?

The emperor’s new clothes atmo

Well he’s stopped taking deposits and build list is about 8 years long. My mate enquired recently and he said he wasn’t comfortable taking deposits anymore because lead time is too cray to justify it

^ I wonder how many frames that equates to?

That thing is dog ugly

I assume that Sachs needs to churn them out as quickly as he used to.

Wouldn’t be so sure about that…I have plenty of stories about Sachs that I have collected over the years…

just quietly i could get a far nicer, not fugly, kumo for less than that.

My primate, completely bespoke and custom and all that, cost a lot less than this (albeit “unused”) 2nd-hand bike. And despite Tarn not being world famous or having an 8 year waiting list, I will go out on a limb and say the workmanship is as good if not better than old mate sachs. Just have a look at Keir’s McLennan for confirmation of this. From what I’ve seen of Keith’s work I’d say the same for Kumo.

“Because technology alone is a poor substitute for experience”

“shit’s moved on, i haven’t, but i’ve been doing it for forever so therefore i’m better”

Yeah but some people just want a Sachs.


Not going out on a limb at all. Tarn’s a very talented builder. And yes, demonstrably better than Richard.

Sorry, posted from my phone. Intention was I don’t assume Sachs needs to churn them out as quickly as he used to.


Because it’s so subjective, you can’t change people’s minds for them.


Better said … De gustibus non est disputandum (There is no disputing of tastes)

Problem is people confuse price or exclusivity with quality. To counter that there’s a whole bunch of cheaper, smaller names, even some local ones that have cache and are desired by many that I think are mostly rubbish.

I don’t know what motivates most cyclists. I tend to think they all think something other than what they have is better, or will make them ride more. Then again I think most also overthink about these things too much.

I think a lot of this goes on, and I know I’m guilty of it. I also think that if you do your research, really know what you want from a bike and are happy to take the risk of going custom, you really can get something that is top shelf and WILL make you ride more. Or want to ride more at any rate.
I suppose that if having the right name on the downtube is going to get you out on the bike more, then go for it.