Was it Aeons asking what’s the best way of getting places when people are taking cabs and you have your bike?

Rickshaw/Pedicab in very good condition | eBay

Spoke to a dude that was doing a taxi-type thing with one of these in the city a while ago, said he was making anywhere from $200-$400 a night, only working fridays and saturdays. Not a bad gig.

one in perth if anyones keen, just needs a couch up front.

track rear ends too =P

Unique retro 3 wheeler with large front carrier. | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Cottesloe Area - Peppermint Grove

someone was trying to sell a rickshaw on pawn stars the other night, the market is so small for these things i cant buy it. but i really like it. but get the eff out of my face. but i really like your shitty bike.

I swear if I decided to keep playing in bands, I’d be buying a cargo bike. I could quite easily fit a bass quad, bass guitar, bass amp and leads case in one. Having to drive every where sucks.

if the cargo area is big enough, you can play on top of it while your mate pedals…ala AC/DC

being a bass player would be pretty good, you can eff up so much and nobody even notices

Yeah, nah. Doesn’t work that way in the band I was in. There was two bass players and drums.

You would be surprised at how bad bass mistakes sound, throws the while group off.

yeah it sucks, i was a bass player in a band once

i had some friends work as pedicab drivers. they made good coin on fri/sat nights but dealing with drunk punters and people running off made it less enjoyable.

tl:dr: its good work for a short time if you need to make quick cash… but long term, the hours and the work are crap.