Ride - 8 Oct 09

Designed by Caffeine (I just thought it needed its own thread for emphasis):

Piss-Warm Chango
Summer beer ride 4.30 Thursday at Debacle or meet us somewhere along the way:


0km 0km Braddon Debacle - Start
1.47km 1.47km O’Connor All Bar Nun
3.29km 1.82km Lyneham The Front - espresso stop
4.69km 1.4km Dickson Trinity
6.74km 2.05km Ainslie Edgars - hot chips and beer
8.53km 1.79km Braddon Olims Beer Garden
10.73km 2.2km Campbell Chill Bar
18.82km 8.1km Fyshwick Zierholz Brewery
23.93km 5.1km Kingston Velo Republic - espresso stop
24.08km 0.15km Filthy’s for Scotch OR Belgians
30.53km 6.45km Braddon City Bowls Club - CHEAP PIZZAS
31.29km 0.76km Knightsbridge Penthouse to get smashed on martinis

sounds like a well planed ride… maybe for a saturday and not a school night?

I keep forgetting people around here work for a living…unlucky :stuck_out_tongue:

It’ll be good carbo loading for the weekend though!!!

Yeah, I will be giving it a miss. I am going to see diesel on Friday night so I have to prep for the weekend on the thursday night.

Speaking of the 24 hour. I am in a team of 6 that isn’t taking it seriously at all so I will be riding whenever I feel like it and most probably not riding during the night and aiming for the sun up lap.

SO… I am in the Swell Design Group corporate tent where we will have heaters and stuff, so come down and say g’day if you are waiting in transition and want someone to come out for a ride with you. Just look out for the old school FJ Holden van.

Might have picked the wrong week for a “summer” ride! (It’sfuckingfreezing).

I may still attend, though.

BoM says fine and 13 - nice evening for wool, or just harden up :wink:

Might catch you this weekend Ezy, I’m taking my kid out there to watch Ty win the solo…

Ty going solo again? I thought he was in a team… my bad! Oh well, I will harass him at 10am on Sunday. “Cmon Ty, keep up!” in the most chipper like fashion as I can summon.

I expect to get the biggest zombie death stare in reply.

10am on Sunday? That’s an entirely new day, i’ll be on top of the world once the sun comes up again…or I may look like this.

I would appreciate a beer at the finish line though, Zierholz gonna be there???

If the weather holds up it’ll be quite pleasant i think. The benefit of solo singlespeed is that you never stop pedaling so you never cool down too much, just freeze off your extremities :-o

Looks like Steve and I may be the pioneers of the biggest fixed pub crawl in the history of Canberra!!!

Your only looking like that because you are wearing pink gloves!

No Zierholz this year but I will be making a trip to get some beers at some stage on Sunday. I will look out for you on the finish line. Ty, if you do feel like you need a bit of a rest through the night… even just sitting under a heater, come on over to our corporate tent which will be close to the transition.

Anyway, back on topic. I really like the idea of this ride… but I can’t do it tomorrow. Maybe you two can test it out, then run it again once it warms up a little on a Saturday or even Friday.

Jesus, get the spade, that’s a zombie stare :smiley:

I expect to be fully numb with alcomohol before the weather effects me.

Besides … knock off work at 4pm … 10 pubs in 2.5 hours … it’s livin’ the Aussie dream!*

  • not to mention being a part of history :sunglasses:

Looks like a great ride! Definitley down 'cept I work til 6 mon-fri, but can still meet somewheres along the way. (am out this week though)
Any chance we can get this happening on a weekend at some point?? id love to do the whole route. With the amount of pubs on there though I might need a little help getting on my bike by the end of it :wink:

Righto, just in case anyone wants to catch us on route, SMS me on 0412672702 (don’t ring as I’ll be riding :evil:).

The ride happened. ten pubs, with room for a few more if we get our sh*t together. Awesome night. I’ll get some photos up soon. Cheers Steve!!!

And your riding the 24 hour solo tomorrow… classic. Good training regime.

Shhhh … I think Ty is still sleeping :smiley:

Big night. Cripes and now I’m on for the Scott too!

Pics and story. Need to do it again ASAP!!!


Best blog ever.

Great write-up, amigo. Same again next Friday?