Ride inside?

I spotted this place about 50 metres from my place the other day. Anyone else heard about it?

The Ultimate Cycling Training Centre

also, River City Rollers may have some competition - http://teamrideinside.com/fixie-racing

Right near Dans place…


“Fixie racing”

Oh I cringed, I cringed hard…

there’s one a block away from my office here on Montague road too and yes - use of the term “fixie racing” leaves me far from well plussed

If you guys want some “fixie racing” I hear there is a bit happening Saturday 23rd July at 7:30pm at 2/16 Leonard St, Woolloongabba. Entry will be $5 with cash split between 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

There will be a beer raffle, with a gold coin buying you a ticket which will be put in the drawer for a free beer. These tickets will be drawn out of the hat constantly throughout the night :wink:

I might have considered such a place if they had propper track rollers, but i spose you cant really have fat dickheads coming off and plowing through all your customers

They even have an led wash on both the riders…fuck me sideway

Now that’s fixie racing!!! Lets get pissed and ride bikes:)

does anybody know someone who has taken alook at this place, what kind of numbers are they getting.