Ride of silence 2007


Saturday May 19 at 10am

Usual fixed ride, ride of silence then the drags

“Note: Helmets & Bell compulsory (by State law)”, I wonder what they say about brakes…? Also the site doesn’t mention anything about who this particular ride is in memory of, can anyone shine any light on that?

ROS isn’t usually set for any one person, rather each person who goes has their own memorial in mind.
last year we were lucky (!?) enough to have our own local to think about.
for me it’s going to be a freind i recently learned was killed in heidelberg.
so think about who we have lost and come along.
please remeber that it is a memorial ride tho, not a social ride, so please keep conversation to a minimum.
and a point of order, does anyone know what is happening in brisbane this year?

Food for thought, cheers.


brisbane is up now.
please come along.
red or black arm bands depending on your situation.