Ride-on-dinner 12/9/08

Ride-on-dinner 5.30 Fri 12 Sept - part of URBAN INTERIOR OCCUPATION


Join a swarm of cyclists on a gentle rolling urban meal adventure. We
take a slow three-course meal served from pedal-powered vehicles over
the duration of an early-evening cycle ride pausing in unlikely urban

The ride-on-dinner explores the affects of mobile hospitality amongst
diverse individuals whilst feeling the way toward sustainable food and
transport systems creating new opportunities for urban inhabitation.
Diners become co-creators in a chance-filled event riding
relationships between individual human body, a temporarily collected
social body and the body of the city.

5.30pm Friday 12 September, Craft Victoria, 31 Flinders Lane
(btwn Spring & Exhibition Sts)

First to roll up, first for dinner.

No matter the weather, just roll up with your bike, lights and a jacket!
Dinner is vegetarian made from local produce and offered on a
donate-as-you-feel basis.
Need a bike? Rent from Fed square: wwww.rentabike.net.au tel 9654 2762
Pedestrians welcome for first course.

The Cultural Transports Collective explores correlations between
transportation and cultural change. The collective includes Kate
Archdeacon, Mick Douglas, Rob Eales, Anthony Hamilton Smith, Ceri
Hann, Neal Haslem - amongst miscellaneous peddlers including artists,
chefs, transport industry workers, performers, academics and their

Last night I managed to ride down about seven levels of a parking garage as well as a quick jaunt through some back streets whilst holding a full stubbie of beer in one hand… Didn’t spill a drop.

I don’t think it’s the same thing though.

well, they generally involve some drink-riding, so you’re not too far off.
this is generally a kind of social/networking kind of thing, around 20-30 people, maybe a little more.

Awww shux, Im not a diverse individual :frowning:

But I can eat a large pizza while resting the box on my handlebars and riding at the same time.

Riding and eating is hard- that’s why they invented energy goo paste.

you can keep it.

actually, it’s not eating on the move, it’s eat something at one location, ride a couple of kilometers to a different spot, and then eat something else, etc.
everyone is welcome, i’m not involved in this one, but i have done stuff for some of the past ones as a uni project, and it’s not some kind of cliquey hippy gang stuff. also, sometimes there are recumbent commuter dudes to laugh at.

Sounds like Lental As Anything & Reclaim the Streets/Critical Mass has had a love child.

Could be fun.

too much smug for me

it’s not some kind of cliquey hippy gang stuff. also, sometimes there are recumbent commuter dudes

Hmmmm, something’s not quite right here. :-o

Pedestrians welcome for first course.

52t chainring == bone saw


So it’s just pretty much what everyone does anyway. Pass.