Ride rollers? Think you've got balance?


jesus. i thought i was king-shit 'cause i nailed riding no hands.

looks like the kind of thing you’d do if your deadbeat mate kicked your hackysack onto the roof and it was too wet to go and do Parkour outside

I want one! They look expensive though.
Would run it in my lounge room for commerical breaks.

Reminds me of that Extreme Sitting thing… I feel like I should start wearing a poncho…


Don’t worry guys. It’s only 5 mins long. 3.5 minutes of credits.

I was waiting for someone to come out and start riding a bike on it.

Set-Up a Slackline
so, anyone know where to get 1inch tube webbing…cheap?

You could probably do it with a set of truckies’ ratchet tiedowns? like from supercheap auto?

yeh you can, thats what my cousin did. so much fun.

Yeah, it looks pretty easy. Next fad…

All of those people are awesome at fire twirling.

You can get the tape from a climbing shop. If you want to learn then go to Mt Arapiles campsite basically any weekend of the year. For some reason rockclimbers love slacklining. Good way to pass a rest day when your fingertips need a rest I suppose. I’d rather go for a ride.

germans!!! why is it always fucking germans?!?!?!?!

you can tell it’s gnar though cos they’ve got fisheye…

oh, and i’m sorry, but was first prize a fucking djembe???

I can see Redbull getting on this.

Its not extreme if it doesnt have fisheye.

awaits Daily Telegraph/Courier Mail/Herald Sun article from hospitals on dangers of slacklining

Now I want to see them doing it with their tape stretched between two skyscrapers