Ride safe in Singapore

What’s wrong with this picture?

Seen in Singapore’s East Coast Park (one of the few places I feel safe enough to ride without a helmet):

The sign sticks out into the bike lane? Or is it a real trick question?!

c’mon…you can do better than that

dudes helmet looks backwards

The dude got no eyes :smiley:

the dude is white

all the more reason to wear a helmet when he’s riding his bike!! :smiley:

cycle safe is more to do with women and pills, not guys wearing a helmet for protection? keep them ovaries healthy! who knows?

It’s in english? How many people speak english there?

English is their main language.

the total lack of manners?

I got it,…There’s nobody riding!!! :cry:

Of Course he bares a striking resemblance to this guy


He’s not riding a Flying Pigeon?


(and his helmet is on backwards, ‘path muppet’ style)

It was a Friday morning, my friend Ange and I had the joint pretty much to ourselves

You can’t get joint in singapore :-o,… :smiley:

There’s certainly alot more ppl riding at East Coast Park when I used to live there.