Ride - Sat 15 Aug

Same deal as usual. Out to the lake and back. 60-70km depending on where you live.

Meet at Kamberra Winery carpark. 8am.

Out and back. Turn around anytime and get picked up on the return. Licra more than welcome, probably encouraged.

Breakfast following at spill the beans.

Let me know if you’re turning up so that I know whether to roll by or stop. Cheers.


!!Thread Hijack Alert!!

Sorry Ty, I am busy Sat morning… but I will be hitting up the Cotter Loop (Cotter - Tharwa) on Sunday (not sure on time yet) on my road bike. I may have a single speeder or full susp rider with me (he is pretty quick so he will keep up with the big slicks) Let me know if anyone is keen for that Looks at JP

Sunday arvo? I’m marshalling at the ITT in the morning, would love a hitout in the arvo.

Ah scrap that plan. Just got an email from CORC about a Super D race that I forgot about. I will be racing in that instead.

An XC race that only goes downhill. From the top of Stromlo to the
Carpark. It could quite possibly be the best 13 minutes of your
life. Everyone loves the Skyline and the descent down Stromlo, this is
our chance to measure just how much.

Timed runs start at 10am and go through until 2pm, you can come and
register and do your two race runs any time in that period.

Hmmm, could be good but scheduled to rain on Sunday, could be chilly.

I am riding from yarralumla to corrin through cotter and tibbinbilla starting at 8am on sundy, then running 30mins-1hr off the bike. Bringing out the Merlin after what must be 2 months. Is the singlespeeder the dude who came third at 24hrs of adrenaline? I wanna hang with that guy!! Matt Koerber or something like that?

I am riding long mtb tomorrow morn, with gears, if anyone is keen.

Big Ritchey arrived last night… cantis are a bit of a fist fest but its a pleasure to ride. The fillets are everything that i hoped they’d be.


You love gears Ty!

Its so much more than that :mrgreen: we also post about cyclocross and tweed! and thats just canberra…

Yeah yeah I know, a couple of times a months I’ve been known to use Campagnolo and Rohloff, but that’s it!!!

Looks like it’ll be a crisp one tomorrow morn.

Nice ride steve.

Nice post, Ty! Sweet ride, that Peugeot.

And yes guys I’ll continue to post crossover events here as long as they seem related. No reason not to give 'em a go - on your fixie! :slight_smile:

The more the merrier I say.

My road ride, turn race @ Stromlo has now turned in to a double lap at Sparrow Hill. I’m not a fan of riding in the wind so I will take some shelter in the trees. Heading out about 10am if anyone is keen. I will have gears… my mate will have one. Holla if you wanna head out.

Sweet ride out at Sparrows. A little rain on the way out, it stopped as soon as we got there and started again as we left. The trails are in awesome condition and there have been some small changes made to the bobsled track making it a little longer.

Next Saturday I am heading to Bundanoon for a 50km race which should be good! I love riding around the Southern Highlands.

Just picked up a free copy of “The Canberra Weekly Magazine” and noticed an ad in the back for Spill the Beans. BUT, cut that ad out and you get a 2 for 1 breakfast. Get in to it!

i recall the big breakfast was nearly $20 - considering the size of it i wasn’t too fussed, but 2-for-1, now that’s awesome… now i just gotta not work on the weekend so i can come on the ride!