Ride suggestions + hangs

Hey dudes,

I’m in town for a week dog/housesitting. Looking for some suggestions on a nice ride or two that I can do in the late mornings/early afternoon. I’m in North Melbourne, would like to get out of the city a bit but can only get away for 2/3 hours at a time.

The dog i’m looking after’s quite old and needs lots of attention, especially in the morning so probably can’t get out with the early groups in the morning.

Also down to ride with others!

I’m going to St Cloud in a bit to get some bar tape and stuff and i’ll ask them too.



^ There’s the Yarra Boulevard, but take plenty of spare tubes with you.

The Capital City Trail that basically does a loop around the city/inner 'burbs mostly on shared paths which I often do when I’m just after a cruisy ride.

Takes a while to get out of the city in any direction – why not catch a train to Hurstbridge and do Hurstbridge – Kinglake return?

There’s also the bike path that goes down to Williamstown which is usually enjoyable.

I do a 55km loop up the Main Yarra Trail to Springvale Rd then come back on the Koonung Creek Trail. There’s a little bit of gravel. But easy on a roadie

Should be pretty clear on the bike paths at that time of day


What sort of bike do you have with you?

You could give Commuter Cycles a call and see if they can tee you up with lights and a MTB bike (or someone here might lend you one) for Wednesday night ride on the Yarra trails.

The Merri Creek, Darebin Creek, and Marybrynong River all have bike paths that make for decent ~3 hour rides. If you can get a bit more time away look up the Melbourne Gravel Grinder rides or P!N20’s brewery rides.

ask someone to show you the Mt P loop if you’ve got a roadie and fancy some hills…?

Got my road bike, a bit of gravel’s good!

Had a chat to Sime earlier, he too suggested Mt Pleasant, and Beach Rd. Anyone free on Thurs or Fri?

WTP did tell me about Wednesday rides, but I’m busy unfortunately!

Yes! This sounds like my sort of thing.

If you want to do Mt P and a bit of gravel then there are heaps of little known gravel/fire roads in that area. You can connect them together nicely if you have local knowledge. Best done on a roadie too. 50k loop leaving inner north

InspectorChimp would be the perfect tour guide cos unemployed lel

Hey Nagesh, thanks for dropping into the store. This route isn’t a bad suggestion at all, pretty cruisey and the bike paths are interesting enough.

EDIT: dbl post

I was keen for a Mt P loop tmrw but the weather looks shite.

Hey dude, yeah it’s pretty shit.
I’m going to go do Dallimor’s route in a bit, hopefully won’t get rained on.
Still open for the weekend and Monday though.

Ride up the moonee ponds path on Saturday or Sunday to come watch the CX nationals at fields if joy. You can heckle FoA stalwart Nikcee. I’m going to go one day, I can let you know tomorrow.