Ride to conquer cancer rigid bloke colab

Ok if you lot donate over a thousand bucks (collectively) to my ride to conquer cancer account Chris Rule I will wear a rigid bloke kit of the forums choosing on day one. Also if any one wants wheels built or bike servicing done I happy to swap for donations, come on help me raise my goal.


I will give the money straight to you cos I don’t do credit cards.
I’ll give you $100 chris, it ain’t much but it’s what I can give you, also I’m drunk so remind me ok?

I will also massage you and go for rides with you.

Thanks Dlyan just no happy endings, as I say what ever people can give is cool with me the money goes to the peter mac not some big foundation. I think I will pack my tools on the day to help out and anyone else on fixed.org that is doing this I am happy to do some bike prep for you pre ride.

The Ride to Conquer Cancer Australia:

Hey Slinky,
Just made a donation for your ride. Always happy to give to such an important cause. Good luck buddy!

ps - Don’t know what to make of your offer to voluntarily wear the Rough Bloke getup. For my 2c, wear the ‘splat’ design.

Bump it up…

Come on guys, this is a cause that needs your support. Help Slinky out.


Thanks guys

You should hit rugged bloke up for a kit for the cause…

Thought I would just check in on the RB Facebook page. There is a new disturbing photo up on the page so I’m making a donation (under the business name so I can’t be traced to this RB evolution)

Thanks again, I am going to hopefully organize some kind of parts auction or event soon too to try and get the numbers up. Pony will be auctioning a frame of mine soon as well and it will be Tax deductible.

Thanks for donation’s commuter cycle guys keep’em coming, watch this space for some money raising ideas.



Thanks H missed you on the trails today.