Ride To Work Day - October 12

Okay listen up.

Ride To Work Day is coming up, and I always miss out on the festivities as my commute seems to intentionally avoid all the available community breakfasts.

So this year I had an idea to make up for it by scoffing as much food as I can in the available time slot.

Here’s the draft plan:

7:15 Northcote YMCA
7:30 JH Green Memorial Reserve
7:45 Edinburgh Gardens
8:00 Velo Cycles
8:30 NAB Docklands
8:45 365 Little Collins St
9:00 Federation Square

Does anyone wish to join me?

More information here.

this sounds like something i want to be a part of.

pre-meet somewhere? or just at the YMCA?

Totally willing to join. Riding around for a few hours consuming multiple breakfasts - awesome!

I’m down for a meet up at the Northcote YMCA.

I might integrate this into a morning ride.

sadly have maths first session on a Wednesday so I can’t.

What’s more important? Maths? Or talking about Black Sabbath with me?

This shouldn’t even have to be a question.

Given that I’m not entirely sure what the YMCA are putting on*, I thought that might be a good meet spot.

  • Village People themed fancy dress encouraged.

black sabbath, but to my parents its like the complete opposite. maybe next time.

I’m in, tour de burbs for free food and coffee…

i’ll do all or some of these.

blakey and i did a mini-tour last year. it was fun and amusing…

from memory we hit collingwood, north fitzroy, north carlton, fed square…

velo cycles was the best and not just because we got to hang out with friends and they got paid for it, however hearing Val laugh at the HPB stop was its usual level of great.

i may join you for some of these…

Best part of my job.

Also, looks like I’m out now. I’m now working Wednesday morning - at one of the checkpoints I think. Kinda bummed. Sort of wanted 4 breakfasts.

So offended Uncle Nik.
I was there too.
I fell off my bike and Blakey posted the story on this forum after pointing and laughing at me.
I do agree that Velo Cycles was the best, but Commuter was good too but I think you’d gone to your work one by then.

Blakey’s report: http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/f10/how-your-commute-today-tour-de-ride-2-work-breakfasts-14052.html#post280534

there should be one of these every month, or every 3. riding your bike to work should be federally subsidised too

I’m running a late entry in Prahran, so if you’re commuting from the south pop in to Papillionaire bikes and grab some.

reckon I’ll try head over to velo cycles around 8ish too

I wish I lived closer to work. And started significantly later.

This is average…but we can incorporate your stop, will you be serving baked goods?