Ride To Work Day - October 12

fkn pinko! :slight_smile:

after i posted it i did think… ‘wait im pretty sure laura was there too… but not for the whole thing’ didnt you meet me/us at collingwood?

ah well… if you come this year, i’ll make sure everyone knows you are with us. :wink:

i also remembered the cop coming up to me at fed sq and offering to park my brakeless fixed gear for me. i was slightly nervous about this, so rushed to park it myself.

My boss was very vague on where exactly I would be working. He didn’t really specify if I would be working at the checkpoint or if I was covering for him back at the shop - I should find out.

Are you manning the Papillionaire bikes stand at the RMIT bike fest?

^ yup, saw that you were going to be there on the confirmation email today, try and get stalls next to each other and be chum buddies :wink:

free food! im in!whos gonna have the best brekkies this year?anywhere doing good coffee?

Have a sickie

I’m so with you on this one. The UK has the “cycle to work” scheme which is great, and I think was quite effective at getting people out there riding bikes and supporting LBSs. Wasn’t so much a subsity as it was a tax-break/tax-rightoff. So kinda like the sort of deal that the miners get, except we’re not millionares. Yes, I am a fucken pinko!! :wink:

This graces my fridge. backstory

its always a surprise.

you can pretty much guarantee Fed Sq will be chaos after about 8am and will have crappy red rear lights, bakers delight stuff and tonnes of FREDs. literally tonnes of FREDs.

you usually have to read the location descriptions to see what they are ‘offering’ even then it can be a crap-shoot.

True, which is why I’ve tacked it on then end - doesn’t matter if we miss it. Food was pretty average the year I attended, too.

The itinerary was ‘curated’ using the Bicycle Victoria breakfast schedule.

I’m in for at least the first 4. Maybe more.

not working, will do as many as poss if i wake up in time

i can swing by and pick/wake you up LP.

schweet!! If not, we can always do some re-arranging!

sure Taters, living on Bell St now, i’ll msg you deets xx

I’ll be at Fed working from 6 parkingFred’s bicycles so I will miss out on much of the free food :frowning:

come say hai!

I am in

thats what you say now… actions > words. :wink:

Frederation Square?