ride to work day tomorrow 14/10 free breaky

It’s ride to work day tomorrw, and there are some free breakys going around, the one in Collingwood sounds a treat.


How early do you need to rock up at Fed Square to realistically get the ‘free breakfast’?

I have know idea, but i’m guessing rocking up at 8:45 would leave you with a roll that’s been touched more times than hugh Hefner’s navel.

The Human Powered one in Thornbury sounds alright too. Might actually be decent coffee.

I’m getting up super early so none of these ‘ride to work once a year’ suckers steals my bike parking spot!

Free coffee, not free food.

And as much as I like HPC, I wasn’t impressed with their coffee when I had it a month ago.

Prediction: Trains and car-racks full of bikes being ferried home tomorrow afternoon after the ‘epic’ ride to work effort tomorrow morning. I’ll have to reroute to avoid Fed Sq entirely tomorrow.

Ride to work ‘day’. Pah!

The Age said this morning that free breakfast would be available from Fed Square from about 6.30am onwards.

Crowded bikeshed and a scramble for the showers at work - yay.

I’m hoping for rain… :evil:

(but seriously more people on bikes is a good thing as a general proposition…right?)


Last year I had to cross three lanes of traffic to get to my free breakfast that was set up in the middle of a median strip. It didn’t make that much sense. Hopefully the cops they have there this year won’t be checking out my bike tomorrow. I don’t want to get done for not “palping” a bell.

my ride to work takes 2 minutes. should i take a 20 minute detour for the breakfast in fed square?
EDIT: i can get free breakfast via a 2 minute detour!

what time are you going to get there… i dont want to get stuck talking to hippies :-o

you might just get your wish

What’s the one about at 450 Lt Bourke? Can you skid ride through a usually private area or something?

Hey i reckon i’ll be getting there around quarter to 8 with the lady for bite to eat and a coffee. Hippies are the least of your worries, it’s not too far from the commissioned appartments.

According to the Herald-Scum, weather prediction is thunderstorms and 50kmh winds over the next 24 hours.

Good day for tubulars and a disc then… :evil:

Huw at Commuter does a good gold-coin fry up (no mention of cost this year, registration is requested however). Coffee from one of the cafés nearby was good last year. Hit up your LBS and avoid the crush in town.


For those in the West, Maribyrnong City Council put on delicious baked goodies, fruit and real coffee at the corner of Moreland St and Footscray Rd (bridge over the river).

Don’t you mean smelly fluoro vest? :evil:
Listening shortsie?

I’m volunteering for work from 7.30 - 9.30 at FedSq - getting to talk to anyone that doesnt have 20 cable ties hedghogging from their helmet or asking what a derailleur is would be ace. Come and say hi.
The food, I am told, is plentiful, and there is also a bunch of free stuff being passed out. They’re expecting the numbers this year.

the sleeves zip off mine…to make a natty vest :smiley: