Ride today

Any one looking for a ride today. Meet at the South Bank side of Goodwill bridge?

I’ll be there at 9:30. Don’t care how far or where to.

Sorry for the short notice. Just did the river loop . Anyone interested in riding next weekend Sat. or Sunday. Just give a shout. I’m in NZ for the week but return on Friday.

Keep the shiny side up. :smiley:

yeah… woulda come but only just read this. next week totally

OK lets plan on Sunday the 29th at 9:30 am.

All are welcome.

if i can drag myself outa bed at that ungodly hour on a sat ill come allong. we goin for big ride? or just a river lap os something?

Ungodly - what the fuk? That’s church time right there on the sabbath bro. How much more godly would you like it you fuking heathen

oh yeah sunday not sat
thats the sabbeth
cant fuck wit dat

saturday is the sabbath in judaism

and for mormons, dont forget the mormons

but they are so easy to forget.

They invented sea monkeys.

fuking infidels!