rider down - Brunswick

just got this txt from my old housemate.

“Hope that wasn’t one of your mates this morning. Cyclist got hit on Sydney Road near Brunswick Club, critical condition! Blue fix like yours, black helmet!”

she saw it on sunrise, said it looked bad.

roll call…

must’ve been after katie and i rolled through at 7:20.

mate reckons it was really early, like 4.30ish

Cyclist fights for life after van crash in Sydney Road Brunswick

thanks lyndon.

My mate called me earlier to make sure I was alright and it wasn’t me… The man in the van was delivering bread for his family’s bakery.

their bike gets picked up at 1:32 in this report: Volunteers count nation’s bikes - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
clearly shown: front & rear brakes, front light, and something attached under saddle :frowning: