rider down


Serious head injuries.

No good.

A guy that works in my building was riding his carbon roadie last Friday evening. Driver ignored a give way sign and pulled out on him. He hit them at full speed, went over the front of his bike, hit the windscreen, and then over the other side. His bike smashed into 3 pieces, and he spent the weekend in hospital. Luckily no damage above his waist, but he has deep lacerations on his right leg and is now in a splint.

Melbourne drivers = fuckheads.

Thoughts go out to the rider and their family.

Hope they get through this okay.

It happens.

does there have to be a thread everytime someone gets hit by a car.

its not interesting, it doesnt offer anything

oh and by the way, calling the thread “RIDER DOWN” makes it sound like there is some kind of battle on the streets, bullshit.

Hope they get through this ‘day’ ok…