Riders in Brisvegas

Just wanting to get an idea of who on here is riding in Brizzy, what they ride and where etc.

I am the rider of a poo brown se lager, stock, usually 3-4 times a week round toowong, city, sth bank, west end, etc,

pass a fair few FG rides on way so interested to see if they are on here.

I normally ride around the city. Met you at ML I’m the guy with the broken arms. We’ve got a game of bike polo on it the city 2nite check out the post in the meets section. And then there’s Fixty-9. There’s also the Thursday night ride it’s posted in meets as well. So much good Brizness :smiley:

Nah that wasn’t me, i see there is a courier riding a lager around too, must have been him… am usually unable to make thes eevents so will hope to make it to the GC.


I zoomed (technical term) by a guy with a brown fixed gear waiting at the lights under the train bridge on Annerley Rd about a week ago (near the primary school). I was on a red road bike wearing black heading away from the Uni and Green Bridge. I did a ‘double take’ cause i noticed the guys ride was fixed.

Was it you?


If you see an old fart on a white track frame or a white Peugeot it might be me

Hey Sev, pretty sure that was me (yellow handlebars and decals on brown frame). I was on my way to check out a place in the Gabba. Moving into a house there over the next two weekends… fun :roll:!

I work at UQ so commute around that area every day.

Also may have been me as I often go home via the green bridge to Toowong… :slight_smile:

Rogaine, were you at Shell st lucia a few saturdays agao? saw a nice white bike there… not saying they were an old fart though…

Hi Pieman, i get around on a light blue Mondonico fixed conversion. I harass the traffic on Lutwytch/Bowen Bridge road every day. I rarely make it to any of the fixed events these days but sometimes take the fixie for a river loop or cruise when i feel like a change from the roadies or the dirt.

haha, you’re so self-effacing, peter.

twas I

black frame, usually going out to daisy hill and back from Tarragindi. Orange and black front tyre. Australian bandanna on the rear fork/seat post. No grey hair here…

i am on campus at st lucia, i usually ride over the green bridge, down through annerly rd, across to southbank / city / valley.

i’ve noticed a blue alloy (mongoose?) track frame outside of the nanotechnology building on college road quite a lot lately. Belong to anyone on here?

also poo coloured fixie 1.0 belonging to antmandan hanging around brain institute building.

…or me

Hi Graham,

Been a while since our paths crossed (not very funny I know - I’ve still got problems from a fractured vertabrae).

Pop down to the bike polo if you feel inclined - it’s good fun.


i actually saw a single speed/fixed gear folding bike at Griffith Nathan a few weeks ago.
Never seen it again, but i just remembered about it…

Hi all, Im heading down to the Clarence corner for a few beers around five if anyones keen :smiley:

[BNE] Beers’n’Fixed Gears is now a thread. use and abuse it for your own drinking pleasure! :-o

Unlikely tho - you’re never out!

I occasionally ride a fixed 1965 Moulton, 56x13 on 16" wheels.

I ride my fixies for commuting and a bit of exercise.

Short trips around the Gabba, south bank, cbd on my Steamroller (brown + red rims/grips) during the week.

One the weekend, I ride around the river to UQ and do a few laps on my Langster (London).

I was keen for a Thurs night ride last week, but the weather turned most people off I think. I travel a bit, so am not always around on Thursdays (like this week ;-( )


Just sold my Bianchi will finish the new bike soon (blacked out Surly). In and out from Jindo’.