Riders in Brisvegas

Blacked out 54", gold rims w/ red taped drops…

Probably see me riding with another goose with an all white soma…

All over brisbane.

Super keen to start meeting up on thursdays and other organised meets. :slight_smile:

See you around!

Red/white/black beretto with bullhorns. Usually riding along coronation riverside pathway and around UQ.

Hey Crash, I used to have a Mondonico back in the early nineties (87 model light blue also), can you post some pics would love to see it, don’t seem to see these very often.

Get my bike back tomorrow!

New parts are so exciting :smiley:

Lets get to riding people! :mrgreen:

Check out the “Thurs night ride” thread in Meets. See yas there.

was heading through the city earlier today, and out of the corner of my eye i saw a fixie locked up on the side of the road.
Pink head tube, and that was basically all i saw, either white or silver rest of the frame. Cant remember what road it was. Anyone got any idea who it was?

hey…i ride a light blue pompino most days from corinda into south brisbane…often in and around south bank, city etc…would be good to catch up for some orgainsed rides

You missed a good one last night.

Most fixes I’ve seen randomly in one night. Apart from the group I saw another 3 just getting around. Old mate with the HEd3, another on a nice old blue track frame, and maybe it was Will heading up Boundary Rd while we were having beers at Rumpus (red frame with white head tube).

i’ll be in brisbane from the 21st, bike in tow.

I get around on a new SE Lager now too. Me and a bud picked up two being run out of a shop in Melbourne a week before Xmas. I am real happy with it.

I ride it to work along the western freeway to Milton and will be hooning arounf town from now on too.

Need to get that fixed cog though as it only came with a freewheel. Cheepies!

most of you will probs know me, but i get around south side of the city( including the city) and frequent old cleveland road all the way out to cleveland…

riding a black brooklyn with sometimes a black arrospok (see what i did there for those who know :wink:) on front…

dont forget all, the events of the 16/17/18th to celebrate the opening of GEARbrisbane will be a great way to meet other fixed riders in brisbane! especially the movie night on friday!

Howdy guys,

I am keen for the opening of Gear should have my fixie sorted by then. I ride a white peugeot around the city and on the southside (Tarragindi) that I put together, has been running well until 2 days ago when I got a new cog and chain put on, promptly rode home, broke the chain and bit the asphalt.

Just a few scrapes and no marks on the bike (phew)

Waiting for a new KMC 710 to arrive.

Hope to make the events in Jan !


I think i saw you round mid year. on the corner of pring and toohey rd’s?

Yep that is me :slight_smile: mid year I would have been rather tentative

Actually come to mention it I still am :slight_smile:

My tarmac eating episode happened on fingal street of all places, at least it wasn’t far to walk !


at least it wasn’t on prior as you head down towards fernvale rd. that would’ve sucked.

hey guys,

I mostly just ride around the shorncliffe sandgate area where i live. Am yet to see another fixie on the roads out here and doubt i will anytime soon, being so far out of town. But if anyone happens to be in the area you’ll see me getting around on a bianchi hipsta with a pair of cheapo risers.

I was riding around Sandgate today, saw a coupla roadies and the usual nodders on MTBs but deffo didn’t spot another fixed rider… Bit warm for a Londoner but still managed 50k+… I’m staying in Scarborough for another 10 days, prolly gonna grab the train at Sandgate to get into the city with my bike on Monday (if not before)…

I think ill be riding out to sandgate from strathpine once I get my bike sorted Once that dam GEAR brisbane shop opens :stuck_out_tongue: I am yet too see another fixie rider in my area

hiya guys…im in chermside and would love a northside crew to ride with…im pretty new to the fixie but…hope you could put up with me?

lets get a north and south side crews going, then we can battle it out on the polo court!!!