Ridiculously expensive "fixie".

Evans Cycles | Felt Footprint 2011 Single Speed Road Bike | Online Bike Shop

The Felt Footprint 2011 Single Speed Road Bike, Felt’s first carbon fiber Fixie. Crafted from the same UHC Performance material as some of our fastest road bikes, the Footprint brings a new level of speed and performance to the streets. Inspired by Felt’s World Championship-winning track bikes-with a bit more urban attitude and toughness for everyday riding-the Footprint puts you on the fast track to speed, style and simplicity.


I don’t know, plenty of the roady set are drooling over our “fixies”. They also have disposable coin, a addiction to carbon and want the most expensive because it’s better. I think this will do well.

I can so see 1 cent getting one of these.

This ridiculous belief is the reason a workmates husband (who is not a bike rider by any stretch of the imagination, I actually think he only wants one so he can parade it down at Portsea), is buying a $12999 roadbike, yes a $12999 Giant of some sort. I asked why, and the reply is “because it’s the best”.

I’d ride that, pair of spinergy’s, crabon rizors, fantastic!

apparently it weighs 8.5 kilos
that’s light, but what’s the point of having 2 kilos shaved off your bike weight if you’re an overweight 40 year old?

Very niche bike for Felt to make- I’m surprised by this release actually.

And I guess you could take the brakes off and ride it on the velodrome- but who’s going to?

I reckon the marketing team stuffed this one- this is the kind of thing you’d buy and love for a short time only to wonder why they didn’t design it with a derailleur hanger. Oh, and then you stick it on ebay and make about 1/4 back on what you paid for it…

Didn’t trek do something really similar last year? Single speed madone or somesuch?

Just looked on the google: trek district carbon with belt drive. And you thought the felt was niche!

all black like that gets me wet, and those wheels? mmmm

I had some suit come up to me the other day and start talking to me about my bike
“so this is one of them fixies yeah?”
“nah dude, it’s a track bike”
“so how do you stop?” groan
I can see a guy like him getting something like the felt. it makes me sad inside

the felt is meh but im with LP that trek is hot
tiny bit more clearence in the fork add canti’s and boom sweet ss cross bike for the summer months

before you discovered NJS you probably would have loved stuff like this!

when i was buying my roadie I asked for advice from a guy I used to work with who is into it and older and cashed up. He said he spent 17k on his last bike. Nuts

yep, is this not pretty much the same geo/shape as the tk3, which i can’t imagine weighs much more than this. and probs won’t snap if you get caught in a light breeze