Riding Clipless

So I’m done with Clips + Straps. I’m planning to buy some new pedals for my fixed gear, I’ve got a SPD-SL system on my roadie so I’ll probably just use the same pedals + cleat system. It seems as though most people that ride Clipless on fixies use a SPD system am I going to have any problems using SPD-SLs?

Also wondering what ° of float most people use on their fixies?

I rode for quite a while with look cleats, currently use spds, slightly easy because of the downward stomp action of cliping in compared with the toe in of road pedals.

Time atack if riding brakless

i don’t know the difference (I hate bike stuff) does any know which one’s I have? - whatever those one’s are they’re ok, you’re biggest problem you’ll find is that you can’t briefly coast in order to clip in (sounds obvious, but it’s a factor) - the amount of one legged cycling I’ve done over the last month has resulted in a slightly bigger right leg.

You won’t look back. I run wellgo Look copies, with the red cleats. Don’t know what float they are, but if you wind them up to a tight enough tension, you’ll know when you’re about to clip out. I’ve only pulled out once, at the start of a sprint race.
I did run crank bros candy’s, and while I didn’t like them, it wasn’t because they were bad - just personal preference.

I can’t complain about my Ultegra pedals, they’re awesome and have never unclipped without me meaning to, and I’m using the yellow cleats (6 degrees perhaps?). I haven’t had any experience with the red zero movement cleats yet. A lot of guys are running Time Atac pedals, and are apparently a really strong-holding pedal.

I got an old pair of 105 pedals and a cheap pair of choes from cell and after 6mnths i tried to go back and no chance …i use red cleats wqhich have a bit of sway which i recomend to start butno comparison… do it and as far as ridin brakeless no hassell with cheap set up.

only during pub stops. mtb spd allows more normal walking/running/dancing on bar.

I have Time Atac Aliums, and along with a billion other people I reckon they’re pretty good.
Especially with mountain bike shoes if you want to walk around a bit.





One slightly funny thing about them - when they’re brand new, they’re actually slightly easier to pop out of, because of the lever-type action. Once the brass cleats have worn down a bit, it takes a bit more of a twist to get them out, but that’s a good thing for fixed. Then once they get really old they start popping out more easily again, but that takes years really.

Then there’s the option for a 13 or 17 degree clipout angle, depending on which way around you install the cleats. 17 is better if you tend to throw your legs around a bit when skidding, otherwise 13 is fine. I have a pair of shoes each way, depending.

So yeah that’s a recommendation for you.

eggbeaters and sidi dominators. happy with them.

This. I have the same set up on my bike and its awesome. Super easy 4 way entry makes it easy to nail the clip in first go.

I’ve been going to the wrong parties…

hahaha :smiley:

Speedplay all the way.

Every other system is inferior by far. You’ll never use any other pedal ever again once you start using these (unless you’re xBBx).

ATAC. and I would have to agree on the early pop out (I have only done it once though) , the more you wear them in, the more secure they feel.

This needs some qualifications. I wouldn’t use them on my MTB. I wouldn’t use them if I was a courier. I wouldn’t use them on a BMX. I wouldn’t use them if I wanted a shoe I could cruise to the pub in. I would use them on a recumbent though.

Don’t choose any system that you can’t walk in. It is so convenient to be able to walk normally. Yesterday I was walking around the whole day at the St Kilda festival in SPD shoes.

OK, I think we were talking in context of fixed gear and that is the reply I gave.

coming late to this thread, fixing your quotes.

speedplays - awesome for road, shit for track.

So you put down more power than Fabian Cancellara? Interesting. I’d love to see your power data. YOU are the only person I know out of hundeds of people using this pedal both on the road AND also using the TRACK specific ones that has had problems.

How many watts do you put out? It must be off the charts. . .