Riding Clobber.. Street shorts?

I need a new pair of shorts to ride to work in… don’t wanna rock the lycra during the week… so been looking for a pair of er, blokes pedal pusher shorts? I’m riding knee lenght cut off jean shorts at the mo… kinda fitted so heaps good for riding…

but what I wanted to know are there any ppl making bike shorts/pedal pushers in Aus that I could hit up for a new pair?

Pick up a pair of pants at an op shop/Savers and get someone you know with a sewing machine to tailor them for you. Heaps cheaper than the ones you can buy from the US websites.

Clown pants all the way.

it’s clear from the photo that you’d get them caught in the chain, but then again I spose if that happened you’d really look like a clown.

I don’t know of any but i’d be keen to buy some as well as if they accomodate my shrinking waist and gratuitous man-thighs.

Can you get 3/4 length cargo’s for guys?

For the win. And you can wear knicks under if you like. Not made in Oz but cheap.


have a look at the netti shorts.
they make a slightly longer that knee length short, with a good set of knicks built in called the equalizer.
i’ve been wearing fox troopers for the past yer, and i’ve completely swapped to using these netti’s.
cost you around $95 a set, and so far have lasted 8 hours a day, 3 days a week, for thelast 2 months without showing any wear at all.
fantastic shorts.

i love these things. best i’ve used.

I find those dickies are a bit heavy. They’re good as shorts but with riding knicks underneath during summer gets a bit hot.

yeah, i have a pair of dickies. i don’t love em.

My current riding shorts are a pair of cut down YAKKA’s. $5 at the op shop, not to hot and heavy and can fit bike shorts underneath.

I want a pair of these:


Hypnotic Designs Hanksters are the best shorts I’ve ever owned… they last for ages and are super comfortable in the hot or cold etc etc. Wash easy, have padding, pockets … all the good stuff.

*serving suggestion