Riding festival thing, 15th May, on the bourke st bike lanes

The badly-named Woop riding festival is happening. Get along, support the bike lanes.

WOOP! Rolling festival - Sydney Cyclist


I will probably go and have a look.

I will try & go in the Arvo - after 2pm ish - could be

Soooo, anyone going. Looks pretty good actually.

Yeh, I’ll be going. Will ride in from the west and hang out. There might be coffee and/or beer involved.

Im gonna ride in with my g/f I think. I’m sure a beer will be on my list of things to do. Are u guys gonna meet up anywhere?

This is about as far as we’ve gotten. Keep your eyes on this thread, I’m guessing we’ll meet up somewhere central like remy & lee’s.

Yep. Lo and I are planning on checking it out.

I’ll be toddling along to this at some point

I plan on attending with my wife in the afternoon.

If anyone turns up really early they can watch me run past in the half marathon. A note to peak peoples interest, I run in short shorts and a headband.

i think i will be going, mite be there from the start as i am riding in the morning and we end up in the city and ps i will be there by myself no g/f or wife just me and my bike :slight_smile:

Cool. Thinking I might turn up for the start, then take off to have lunch in newtown, then come back. These plans might change.

shall we say 12 - 12.30 at remy & lees?

Sounds like a good idea. See you then.

See you then.

Count me in on that too. Those savoury muffins have incredible hangover healing powers.

see everyone soon

I had fun today. Good to see everyone in the same place together again.

So did Lo and I. It was nice and relaxed.