Riding rehab

I had an unfortunate incident at work about three weeks ago and have ended up with a fractured ulnar and radius (currently wired and in a sik purple cast!) and a fractured jaw wired shut (well enough to get a straw on my mouth). I’m sure the jaw wont effect me getting back on the bike, but I’m a bit worried about how long the wrist is going to take to get back into riding. Anyone else have a similar injury and want to shed any light on how they got back on the bike? I haven’t seen a physio yet but am making a list of things to ask to ensure I’m back on the bike (and back at work lol) as soon as possible.


I fractured the Radius of my right arm, from memory when the cast was off it was quite tender. You will most likely find that moving the hand around will be a bit painful, but as long as you dont do any fast riding, off road riding or anything where you would put any impact (from holding onto handle bars) you should be sweet. You should defiantly do what the physiotherapist says.

Try and get an indoor trainer, just spinning your legs sitting up will aid in your recovery. Not even fast just elevating your heart rate and getting more blood flowing, carrying more oxygen to it will help.
I’ve currently got a broken collarbone that’s been internally fixed with a 100mm screw and have been on a trainer for the last 3 weeks, broke it just over 4 weeks ago. It helped process the pain killers out of my system quicker and made me feel heaps more alert and less like a useless lump of nothing. I started gently resting on that arm while riding and seeing how much I can use it a little bit more each time.
Hanging to ride outside but just have to be patient.

Cheers for the input guys. Will borrow my old man’s indoor trainer this weekend and get the legs moving a bit. I totally know what you mean about being a useless lump on painkillers. I have been on oxycodone and up until this I had only ever had one Panadeine Forte in my life! Damn zombie most days. The only upside is having a bit of time to find/collect parts for my next build.

TALK to your doctors & physio before starting anything, keep them in the loop, they will probably be ok with it but they might want you to keep yourself quiet for the first couple of weeks.

THEN beg, borrow or steal a decent stationary trainer, set it up so it’s comfortable for you to sit upright. You might be a bit to sore to get yourself on it comfortably at first but when you can just roll the legs over to get get some blood moving, it’ll help process the crap in your system and help keep you sane. Progress to intervals to build your fitness back up as and when you can (and when your doc/physio says it’s ok)

Oh, and drink loads of water, that will help with the healing and flushing the drugs out of your system.