Riding untrue wheels

So I had my first majorish accident involving a rather big pot hole. Both wheels have a buckle in them and I’m wondering the risks of riding on untrue wheels. I’m not running brakes so I guess it wouldn’t lock up, but I don’t think they are that badley buckeled anyway.

Got quoted 80 dollars for the pair at my LBS. Haven’t been to gear yet because they have been closed over the last few days. Probably won’t be able to afford the repair for two weeks. If I don’t do any big rides I’m commuting around 10k a day.

Soz I’m writing this on my phone and it’s really hard.
Thanks in advance.

Edit : on another note I was thinking of contacting the council and seeing if they would pay it?

Not ideal but if they’re not too far buckled and the rims aren’t cracked/spokes aren’t broken you’ll prob be ok for a wee while ( should see some of the wheels I see on my local bike path on a sunny Saturday) but keep an eye on them in case they get worse.

Or you could beg/borrow a spoke wrench and straighten them yourself on the bike (another handy use for brakes, but you don’t have those). Or there might be a kindly Bris FOA member with a truing stand who can show you how to do it yourself.

As for council? They’ll probably tell you to try riding around their potholes.

You shouldn’t make them any worse. The rims are likely bent so truing them is a matter of pulling bent rims straight rather than correcting spoke tension. They’ll never be quite as good as they were but if they’re not hitting the stays/fork legs now they’re probably straighten-able.

Buy a good spoke key. Hang the bike up so the wheels can spin freely.

Here’s the cool bit for someone with no brakes. Use zip ties as a wheel truing gauge. Put a zip tie on your fork leg or seat stay so that the excess of the zip tie points toward the rim sidewall. Trim the zip tie so that it is just too long and hits the sidewall. You can then use the zip tie as a pretty accurate gauge for where the rim is out of true. You want to then rotate that zip tie slightly so that it only hits the rim once or twice a revolution. That one or two spots are the bit you need to straighten first. At that spot/s tighten the closest spoke that is coming from the other side. That should pull it away from the zip tie, straightening it. Half a turn should do. Do it alternately on both sides to maintain the dish.

Check Sheldon Brown for more tips.

Think about it enough and it’s easy. Spokes are just fancy bolts, nipples are just fancy nuts.

good first post - paddle pop sticks work just as well too.

$80 is getting up there, have you busted multiple spokes?

There are no broken spokes at all, I agree I thought 80 dollars was a bit steep.
I might invest in this key spoke and some zip ties/paddle pop.
Sheldon brown is pretty good so Ill look up some info there.

A couple people did say the longer I ride them untrued the more they will untrue (grammar?)
and yeah ive given up on the council already ha
anyway, thanks for all the replies, allot more help then my LBS actually!

Edit : on another note I was thinking of contacting the council and seeing if they would pay it?

Mmmm , I think councils have a policy that they are NOT totally responsible for all damage to vechicals , which sucks , but it stops idiots taking the council to court over silly claims of wearing their tyres out on the road . Unless the council was really at fault and knew it was there say for many years and did nothing about it , I think there is a percentage that they will only cover . But …They will claim you were at fault for not riding in a defensive manner and should of seen the pot hole . Thus charging you you unsafe riding and you paying the court costs …lol welcome to the legal system .
Make a complaint , Inform the local council so anther cyclist doesn’t do the same thing , hopfuly it will be fixed soon and you may get a fuzzy feeling that you have done some right in the world .
Good advice in the other posts , get a spoke tool and learn how to true a wheel .
Don’t be too hard on the local bike shop , 80 bucks sounds steep , but they have to pay rent , pay bills , get taxed on all of that and then have to feed them selves too . This is why I fix my own , cause I pay rent , playbills …and then get taxed on all of that , then have to feed myself !

If the council or qld roads/australian roads know about it and have failed to repair or schedule to repair it is their fault and will pay for viechle damage quite often.

$80 for two wheel tries is common