Riding with the unemployed

Hello fellow Melbourne based FOA crew, I don’t have a job, kids or any real responsibilities at the moment which means my weekdays should be dedicated to cycling. Unfortunately I’ve been lazy and Sime is a jerk and says he’s ‘working’ when I want to go ride. This often means I end up staying at home in my mockies eating mi goreng watching NFL on Mondays and Will Ferrel movies Tue-Fri. Anyway that’s all superfluous information, what I’m really looking for is peeps that wanna ride 50-120kms on Mondays and Tuesdays. Tomorrow is looking like a banger and so I wanna go ride to Mt. Martha or Kinglake. Any takers?

P.S also keen for MTB rides if anyone is that way inclined.

yeah, I’d be keen on either tomorrow,

Probably be a bit slow, been a while since I have done any decent road rides with other people to keep pace with.

hmmm, i feel a summer cold comin on…

hey blakey, how many sick days you gotta use?!?! :wink:

i’ll hit you up in two weeks

This time of year is terrible for colds, changeable weather and all that. . .

only issue i can think of though would be the fact that getting sunburnt is inevitable…

For a ginger maybe.

Triggs, hit me up thu/fri mtb/road.

I finish my course tomorrow and I don’t plan on getting a real job any time soon(hopefully ever). Can tag along starting next week if you post deetz up. Down for road/dirt roads/mtb(on cx bike though)

If you are still in this situation in Mid/late Jan Trigger lets all do some serious riding all be free all the time for a month…

Edit: Mind you i may be underestimating the time level of care required for a newborn.

oh i’ll take a guess and say blakey has 60 days sick leave;) what do i win, i hope its a new catlike because they are sweet, and trigger wouldnt give me discount.

Whups, turns out I was wrong. Only 42.

dam, i win nothing.

You win prince of my stomach for that doughnut.

Trigger, I’m pretty sure the girls working at our local caffeinated watering hole think we are a couple.


I think we’re a couple and my lovely lady friend is also suspicious. Regardless I’ll
Be meeting for a TdB at 12pm at bluebird cafe on Johnston street tomorrow. I may follow this with a beach road run but at this stage it will be determined by how successful my morning errand run is. I’ll be out the front in either saint cloud or Rapha kit.

As a fellow unemployed type, I am keen for this next week. Or any day that’s not this Friday (have a job interview, heh).

Sweet, Thursdays and Fridays are normally no good for me. Thinking about a Mt. Martha mission on Monday if anyone is keen, aiming to leave at about 9.30 from Abbotsford.

I am a recent addition to the unemployed.

So, anyone up for a ride tomorrow?

I’m planning to go up the yarra trails, then Diamond creek path past eltham, round some gravel roads (skyline road I remember being good from one of the gravel grinders) to Hurstbridge, bakery and then probably train home… 70-80kms. Southerly wind…

This unemployed thing sounds good. Too bad I am enslaved by the man and his 457 visa oppression. Would rather go riding.

ya’ll missed this cool echidna:

And a nice view:

Bummed I missed this also, it seems the only days I pick up some work are the days good rides are on… Anyone keen for a Kinglake mission on Friday.