Rigid Bloke wants you!

Cycling Sponsorships

Who’s getting a Melburn Roobaix team together?

PS: The image is called “muscle-winning”

Holy Shit Jln that is some pure gold,
I still can’t see how there not taking the piss. To think that it’s a serious company is beyond my wildest imagination.

Fark … I don’t buy kit but if someone wants to submit a FoA team for melbz-roubaix I’ll be in … as long as the kit is truly loud/awful/ironic/trashy (shouldn’t be hard?).

I’m considering it. All you need to do is answer these questions…

All proposals must be no more than 2 pages long and include the following details:

  1. Your goal and plan to achieve it.
  1. Your gear needs.
  1. How you will prove your credibility e.g. photos at each interval of a training plan and/or YouTube video at the event.
  1. Any supporting background info e.g. web links on an event.
  1. Your contact details.

If the Roobaix and running Velodrone.tumblr.com doesn’t answer some of them… well, I’ll do the next Rapha™ Gentleman Race™

Can you ever have credibility wearing Rigid bloke?