Rim Damage

I bought a velocity deep V a little while a go off a member of this forum. It came with a surprise dent. I’d like to know whether I should be able to slap a tyre on it no worries, try to clean it up a bit or just let my brother keep it for display purposes? I’ve tried to photograph it the best I could with a 50mm prime, hopefully these photos shed enough light on the dent.

Give it a file to clean up the sharp edges.
Will still work fine.


Purple? Get rid of it, or at least get contrasting rim tape. Yellow maybe.

  • Joel

Many of my rims have had similar dints in their lifetime, before I discovered the wonders of double wall, well made wheelsets.
Tires stay on, just file it a little.

yeah just file it down a bit.
but, if your planning on running a brake, even though the wheels mot machined, then you might have some problems.

Thanks for the advice. I plan on putting a tyre on it, so changing the rim tape to a complimentary colour probably isn’t necessary. No plans for a rear brake either. I’m not hating my shallow (? opposite to deep?) no brand rim I’ve got on at the moment so I might take my time putting this on. Good to know it’s not wrecked though.