Rim minor bowing/egg

Had a stack the other day when it was wet and have taken the bike apart to give it a thorough clean. I’ve noticed that my rim on my rear wheel has a egg bowing out. It’s not massive but I only noticed it when I was cleaning the rim down.

My concern about this is the integrity of the wheel (my first build) and if this could lead to something terrible happening to the wheel (busting out during a ride). If anyone has had any experience with something like this, it would be greatly appreciate.

I’ve attached a picture but it’s might be too hard to tell what’s going on because of the polished finished.

Forgot to add, rims still seem to be fairly true although haven’t chucked it into a truing stand just yet.

If it was purchased from gear just pop back in and show the guys and they will check it out for you,
Like you said it’s hard to get good photos on shiny surfaces

Sweet. The rim was purchased from Gear. Hopefully they’ll have a solution.