RIP Laurent Fignon

Not a great surprise after seeing him in not so good condition during this year’s TdF.

Laurent Fignon Passes Away |

RIP Le Professeur…

His comments during this years tour (as reported on the CyclingNews Daily Diary) were hilarious.

He was a fierce competitor by all reports.

sad news indeed. Au revoir la Professeur

not that I’d ever rock a ponytail but his was cool especially teamed with the headband, receding hairline and specs !!!

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I’m going to put a black band around my Fignon/Renault cap.


RIP… 50 is too young to go. Sad news.

the saddest thing is that most of the english speaking world will remember him for losing the tour once, and not for winning the tour twice

[b]Laurent Fignon won two successive Tours De France in 1983, aged only 22. he past away last night (tuesday) after losing the battle against cancer.

They called him ‘The Professor’ and he will be missed in the racing world.

He is most remember for his efforts in the 1989 Tour De France where in the final stage, Greg Lemond overhauled his 50 second lead to win by 8 seconds.


has a bit of ‘the guy from jaws’ going on

saw this in today’s age…

bit slow off the mark, but a tribute regardless

Top pedaller hit by twist of fate

Apparently his autobiography is excellent.

Someone should buy it and let me confirm this information :wink: