RIP Rik Mayall :(

Not sure if this in on any other thread but this one seemed appropriate.
Rik Mayall RIP.
Sad day.

One of the greats, the world is a way less funnier place without you in it.

MOD EDIT - I decided to make it a thread after all.

I was going to start a new thread for this, but maybe we can mourn him here.

I remember watching The Young Ones over & over again when I was growing up, fond memories for sure.


Bike Snob even gave a small shoutout this morning (I initially thought it was coincidence, but I’ve decided it probably wasn’t)

Bike Snob NYC: A Fred Too Far

Young ones never did it for me… BUT DROP DEAD FRED WAS TOP SHELF.

What he said. Bottom was also ace.

was just thinking earlier about all of the lines I’ve used over the years that came from TYO. I love the scene where Rick says “hands up who likes me?” and the other 3 all put their hands as close to the ground as possible.


Some of us are getting old aren’t we - loved that show.

I have never appreciated why US sarcasm took over British humour.(But I guess Rupert has driven the programming in Aus over the last 20 years)

One of my faves is when Vyvyan borrows a cup of sugar just so he can throw the cup into the fire for warmth

Still think his Flashheart in Blackadder is my favourite role of his. So good.

One of the funniest things ever put to air. Ever.


Haha yes. When he laughs at blackadder then punches him in the face. I die.

Rip Rick !!
Thanks for the laughs and ideas :wink:

I was just a little tacker in 83 or 84, we were at a church bible study thing and all the kids got sent downstairs to keep out of the way. One of the older kids put the telly on and we watched The Young Ones “Bomb”. I had no idea what was going on but knew it was hilarious and there was no way my parents would ever have let me watch it. In hindsight that was probably the first airing of the episode in Australia.
I didn’t see any more Young Ones for years, but I never forgot that episode. Scenes from it are etched onto my brain.
Also, a little shout out to Grim Tales. High school afternoon times…


A sad day indeed.


I only know his work in Black Adder, but how damn brilliant. Sad for sure.

A comedian in the UK wrote a paper on the history of British stand up called “Stand up on being a comedian” by Oliver Double. The section about the Comedy Store in the UK is really interesting, a lot of stand up comedians today wouldn’t be there were it not for Mayall, Edmonson, Allen, Elton etc.

Growing up in the UK my dad was always a massive Young Ones fan so I just always had it around me, but for me Bottom was the one.

I’ve pulled the “Richard Richard creep face” more times than I care to remember.
The New Statesman was also a favourite.

and let’s not forget Alan B’Stard.