RIP Sheldon Brown, 1944-2008

A massive contributor to the world of cycling, even in sickness.

Rest in peace.

Sheldon Brown passed away last night from a massive heart attack.

I couldn’t count how many times I’ve referred to his webpages or the hours I’ve spent reading his articles. He’ll be greatly missed.

this is really sad.


I put together my first SS based solely on the info on his pages

'tis very sad indeed

That is sad news. He personally helped me out just a couple of weeks ago. A great loss indeed.

it is a great loss.
he was the main source/resource of my bike building. for the past year or so i would say i honestly went to the site at least 2-3 times a week.

one of the most amazing things about sheldon was that he truely provided what the internet should/could be. a sharing of knowledge with out the fancy bells and whistles. straight html - with images only when needed.

his site was like a global library everyone could access at anytime for free.

Sad day. It was Sheldon’s site that taught me what fixed was and how to do a conversion. Also, his passion and enthusiasm made it all seem fun and do-able.

When I grow up I want to be a kook like Sheldon! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thankyou Mr Brown.

I learnt, and continue to learn, much from his articles. An inspiration, and an interesting man with his other passions. The world needs more people, like him, that stand out from the crowd. RIP

Damn. He was The Man. A bunch of helpful info all offerred for free. RIP mate.


Spot on.
It’s a sad day. I’m actually really shocked and upset by this news.
I’m lost for words.

This is a real shock, his articles are fantastic to read whether they be about repair, general information or bicycle humor.

RIP Sheldon

Patron saint of cycling.
His wisdom and knowledge will be around as long as we got bikes. When I don’t know what you guys are talking about, or when i need to go to the bike shop and ask for a part with out sounding like a complete tool Sheldon was always there with a little insider knowledge.

RIP God, may your enthusiasm, passion and sense of adventure live forever in our hearts.

Sheldon’s pages on fixie/SS made my build possible and gave me the inspiration to take it on. Not to mention the many other pieces of advice, courage to build my own wheels etc.

TTT, can we rename this Thursday’s BNE Two Pot Screamer for Sheldon?


I wouldn’t have been able to build my bike without his site. Very sad.

Very sad indeed, has been the go to man for so many real entusiasts, RIP.

I’m in shock. Somedays the words from his site floated around in my head so much it was like having a conversation with him. What a loss.

Sheldons articles allowed me to learn enough to build bikes to sell when i had no job, as well as building my own bikes. Now i have a job as a bike mechanic. Never knew anyone could be so passionate about bikes.
Rip buddy.

My congratulations to Sheldon Brown for living a generous and full life. May he now rest in peace.

Over the last year I have been following his complications with possible MS. Maybe God decided to throw him a way out of what could of become a long slow death and the added pain of loosing what he loved - riding bikes. :cry: