RIP Willo

I got word earlier this week that a friend of mine had passed away at only age 26. James Williamson, world champion 24 hour solo MTB rider.

This news has rocked the mountain bike community to the bones. The company I work for sponsored him and Shaun Lewis to ride the Cape Epic over in South Africa, an 8 stage race that spans over 700kms. Shaun his team mate went to wake him around 6am for the start of the third stage, he found him passed away. There was no evidence that something was wrong with him as all reports were saying that he was happy and chatty the night before. There are so many reports out there at the moment, but local friend + journalist Jim Trail summed him up the best. He truly was one of the greats of Australia MTB.

Last year I was lucky enough to have James Williamson as part of my 6 man 24 hour team at last years Mont 24 hour MTB race. This weekend is the same race but I will be riding in a 4 man team instead which I have never done, I will be riding with him in my thoughts which will keep me going as hard as I can.

Every one that knew him is pretty gutted at the moment. Just had to share… the more people that knew about him means he won’t be forgotten.

sorry to hear about it. good luck in your race

It seems a lot of pro cyclists die in their sleep.