I’ve owned a few fixies up until now but this is the latest.

Frame: 2009 SE/DC PK Ripper
Bars: Standard w/ eighth inch stem
Seat: SE Lightening Bolt
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted w/ BO Strap-ons
Cranks: SE 48-spline 170mm
Sprocket: SE Retro style 44t
Front Wheel: Velocity Deep-V w/ Chosen hub
Rear Wheel: Velocity Deep-V w/ Chosen hub and 15t/17t

Yes, the seat is a pain in the ass, which will be gone soon hopefully. Other than that it’s pretty fun to ride and real easy to throw around, but I may knock it off in the near future for soemthing a little lighter and more velodrome specific.

even if its for the street put some fatter tyres on that shit… it looks like a fukin big bmx in ballet shoes.

I was thinking of doing this just by putting some 28c Gatorskins on, but it’ll just add more rotational weight and ride like ass.

haha why does everyone sound so subjective when some doesn’t like a bike on this forum? whatever happened to constructive criticism… just saying…

Constructive criticism? That takes too much work. Easier just to state an opinion.

Here is some constructive criticism:

Capitals, commas and sentence structure are useful.

It will probably ride better with some wider tyres on it. Just sayin.

fair enough…

80 grams per tyre difference between 23 and 28 for non-folding. 28 gators are fine, imho.

I switched to gator 28s after reading this. I rate them. There doesn’t seem to be big differences in speed but they are more comfortable and they look badass.

i’ve always liked the look of this bike. prob cos i never got over being too tall to comfortably ride a BMX.
just to throw in my 2¢, some fyxations would look sweeter than 28 gators :smiley:

Rippers had quite a following in days gone - you’d be suprised about the number of guys that recognise the name and frame design and then proceed to reminisce and carry on about riding or wanting the bmx back in the day. Photo requests are a pretty frequent occurence

Do what you want, looks rad regardless, and not retarded looking like some others on here.