Risers vs. Drops vs. Bullhorns

What do you prefer riding? I’ve been on risers for the last few weeks. Digging it cause I don’t have to strain as much to look up at the road ahead. The headwinds kill me though.

riserz on my daily ride, bullhornz on my fancypantz pursuit bitch.

Drops. Tried the rest, drops are best.

what about flat bars & sushis?

I swap between drops and riserz quite often, depends what wheels I’m running/where I’m riding etc. You defo have more control with riserz in my opinion.

Drops for me.

The track bike has drops/risers depending on how i feel. Though lately on the road conversion with road bars and riding hoods has taken my favour… so much nicer and I don’t have to feel out of sorts for ten minutes when i get on the roadie

Horns! I love 'em ever so much…

Shit - I am the only second one that voted for bullhorns so far.


Ummmmm, I’m with you.

I think you beat me to the post.

Do you run a narrow sweep on your horns?

Drops = aesthetics
Risers = control
Bullhorns = just plain ugly and generally spoil the look of bikes

Drops every time :smiley:

Bull horns for me
most practical by far as it substitutes riding with hoods.

also makes my bike look like pure sex.

Using drops at the mo but without hoods feels a little weird out of the saddle. Switching to risers next cause i’ve always riden MTB and BMX. See how it goes maybe throw on a set of horns one day. :expressionless:

Risers no question.
I threw some drops on my bike after I painted it to see what they are all about.
Awful things. With hoods I can see them working. But sans hoods you just have less grip and less control. In-less you are riding in the drops. But I can’t think of any occasion whilst commuting when I’d want to be in such a tucked up aero position.


Bullhorns are really good for skidding though if that’s your thing.

GOt my tax dollars back thismorning and went out and got some nice risers… money well spent. So much more control and better wrist position. Changed the whole look too, Freek’n love it. :smiley: :smiley:

Drops on commute.

Bullhorns on fix.

Risers just don’t feel natural on a bike for me.