risque business on Wiggle

I was just on Wiggle to look at knicks. Has anyone else noticed the slightly soft-porn advertising going on with women’s bibs these days? Seems a bit risque for a large-scale shopping website. Example: Wiggle | Santini Ladies Gel Intech R3 Bib Shorts Lycra Cycling Shorts

Who thought Wiggle could get even more awesome?

You should be looking at the mens nicks mate !

It’s no worse than the pic ASSOS have been using for the past 5 years.

Ay dios mio!
Check these ones out
Wiggle | Assos Ladies T FI 13 S5 Bib Cycling Shorts Lycra Cycling Shorts
Wiggle | Assos Ladies T FI. RX Bib Knickers Lycra Cycling Shorts
Wiggle | Santini Max Primo Bib Knickers Lycra Cycling Shorts

i noticed this the other day, who thought cycling digs could be hot?


10 char

These would make Peter Griffins Side Boob hour…

They’re very aero…

Shame if those white straps went see-thru with a bit of sweat…

In honour of CraigC …

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Bit of high beam on the lefty there!

That’s my sideboob.

Forget the nicks hows that llewelyn.

stop pretending that you’re not gay :wink:

nothing wrong about it