Ritchey MTB Pedals, anyone used 'em?

Hi There,

Looking at getting some of these http://www.totalcycling.com/mtb-components/pedals_mtb_clipless/PD_V4_WCS.html for my SS CX, I am under the impression that these use the same cleats as Shimano SPDs, amirite?
Has anyone used them? Keen on some reviews/info/insight/advice.

Thanks in advance.

Nope. but Bikeradar and MTBR are my go to sites for product reviews:
Ritchey WCS V4 Pedals Review - BikeRadar
Ritchey WCS V4 Mtn Pedal Pedal Reviews

Most of the weightweenie XC racer types I know tend to ride CB Ti eggbeaters.

Are you looking at these so that you can have one set of shoes for the Ibis and SSCX? If so why not just get the XTR m970s? - reviews are far more favourable.(and they’re cheaper)
Shimano XTR PD-M970 Pedals Pedal Reviews

There were a pair of Ritchey SPDs in my house, they did use SPD cleats.

Can’t comment beyond that.

Correct! Not so much a weight weenie thing, I don’t want shimnao pedals on my cx if I can avoid it as it’ll be running SRAM/Avid/WI and therefore Shimano will throwout the whole them. It’s stupid, but that’s how I roll. I also really like the look of 'em.

The only Ritchey items I’ve ever been dissapointed with are their newer pedals. I busted a couple of pairs of the lower ends one a couple of years ago and havent been back. As has been said, they use SPD cleats, for sure. Shimano SPDs and cleats are awesome, and cheap, and light, and last, and shed mud well, and dont ruin your shoes.

Funny. I know the feeling. I’m building up my Rando with SRAM/DTSwiss/etc. BUUUUT I’ll still be using Shimano QRs, cassette, chain and pedals - simply cause they’re damn good. Each to their own I guess.

I’ve had two pairs of the V2’s:

They worked, couldnt complain about them. SPD. Road use only though. One of them developed a clicky bearing after four or five years of use with no maintenance.

I thought I was using shimano spd pedals all this time, that pic above has confirmed that I am using Ritchey SPD’s with shimano cleats lol

ive got no issues with them, other than the bearings need a repack. accidentally clipped out once, so i’ve wound the tension to almost max and they are damn secure.

Thanks all, I’m probably gonna give them a go.