Rivendell Atlantis on ebay

im kinda tempted by this but at the same time,really do not need it and dont need to spend another 500 getting it how id like it…but still.
Rivendell Atlantis - Road Tourer Gravel Grinder - Boutique US Bike | eBay

This has been on bike exchange and bna for a while. I’m in same boat very tempted but can’t justify it at the moment

I believe the owner has bought an rSogn and is purging this, best offer received so far ~$1900.

Don’t forget that the Surly LHT is basically a copy of the Riv Atlantis, but mass produced and TIG welded.

LHT: Long Haul Trucker | Bikes | Surly Bikes
Atlantis: Cyclofiend: RBW: Frame Geometry Archive Info

How do you find this shit out?

And yeah amazing how similar he LHT and the Riv are.

Information sticks in my head.

Not that amazing. For a while you could buy production model Rivendells via QBP, but the below MSRP pricing that eventuated caused Grant P. to shut that down.

Surly is a division of QBP.

Connect the dots.

true, it is interesting watching how Surly and Salsa for example don’t tend to overlap/directly compete in bike models

I have a LHT but rode my buddies atlantis around the other day,man it felt nice,probably not a pile of money i could buy an overseas flight with nicer but still temping