river city rollers - 27th May 2012

no one has put this up yet so just a community service announcement…

^^^ sikkkk

what have you got against your knees?

I for one hope that there will be more vomiting.

Does anyone else experience an elevated heartrate simply thinking about roller-racing? There’s a definite adrenal response tied up with it for me

I think my knees separate over 185rpm !
Can’t come, clashes with Eurovision!

bullshit eurovision is on at 9pm

Resting the knee up good. Have not been on a bike in 4 days now, will soft pedal it tomorrow to see how it feels

Well then I guess I can’t get out of it then :slight_smile:

I took some photos…
Weekend Photos | DJ GLAD RAPPA

The link doesn’t work. :[

works for me

I got it now, thanks!

How I almost lost my voice, smashed 3 glasses, and how last night’s roller-racing averted disaster | DJ GLAD RAPPA

Hey thanx for the great night guys. I had a sweet first roller racing experience winning my heat and learning the importance of going easy on the pre race schooners of carbs! Maybe cider is the go? Still felt like a spew like 45mins later. Can’t wait for pushes galore.

Dose anyone know where the video (I assume will be made by the guy walking around with the trick camera all night) will be posted??

Milky (the video guy) is going to let me know when he’s finished with it, once I see the link online I’ll post it here.



This is the final cut I think, I’m yet to hit him up.