River City Rollers


Head to head roller racing to be held from 7pm December 15 at 13 Kurilpa Street, West End. We will also be welcoming the Joyride team.

Compete for prizes from Grand Scheme, Outlier, Rapha, Chrome, Snack On, Luxxbox & Velocity.

If you’d like to ride, you can sign up at the door or register via e-mail. We welcome everyone and there is no experience required.

Keep an eye on this thread and the River City Rollers website for updates. Poster attached.

The River City Rollers flyer illustrated by David Myers has arrived. If anyone would like a copy or is interested in distributing a handful, drop by Gear Shop and speak with Erik.

The River City Rollers site has been updated, with a set of rules up for those of you riding, among a few other tweaks. Take a look; here.

Also we will be using randomly seeded single elimination bracketing for those of you who might be interested.

The event is this Wednesday and while its not essential you register it will see that we can get rolling sooner.

Think you need a total ban on lycra.

I have already suggested the Carrera kit to a few people to help them blend in.

To wet your appetites, I have photographed a few of the prizes.

is there going to be any girl on girl action tonight?

or is it a mixed comp?

The bracket is mixed, however, there will be prizes allocated to both male and female victors. Frankly I can’t wait to watch some of the girls outclass the guys.

Bikes are ready.

46/14 @ 86.3 inches

what GI were the bikes last time gyp?

I had arranged some female competition for you Erin, but our babysitter just called that she’s sick, hope Kath’s isn’t :wink:

Ha! Yeah I don’t think we’ll be seeing Kath on a bike anytime too soon mate.

I put some flyers up at Chandler so hopefully a few of the girls from there can make it, if they do I think they’d give more than few of us a run for our money. It’s State Champs this week as well so a lot of the trackies will be in peak form.

ah, that’s a shame, would have been good.

Dan, trackies will pwn me, but yeh would be great to have more girls around.

I think Kristine is working tonight however.

i think at this stage i am an apology. sheet. soz.
so a sozology.

awsome night guys, had a ball. thanks to orgynizers/ sponsors/ byorn and eric. sorry for leaving early but have to wake up way to early in the morn and another 2-3 races woulda dessimated me with still many km’s to go b4 week is out. cheers again guys, realy enjoyed it
+1 for next race

Yeah that was an awesome night. Thanks to Erik and Bjorn for getting it together, the sponsors for the sweet prizes, and the DJs for plenty of sweet motivational tunes. Incredible seeing xSpedx break the 20 second barrier, good luck with state champs mate!

struggle street. :frowning:
but awsm night. wow.
last time i couldn’t walk - this time i can’t talk (lost my voice screaming at people to spin!)
i am such an embarrassment

any results?

And best times?

geez i had fun last night. it’s always fun hanging out with you lot.
thanks everyone for a great eve…

and dave, hope your walk home wasn’t too scary or zigzagged.