River loop time trial



THE ROUTE: is approx 30km. It is the standard river loop:
A bit like this, except going over the go-between bridge and omitting the city and southbank stuff.
Route: Brisbane River Loop | Bikemap.net

THE DEAL: no prizes. just glory and epic stories and beers afterwards.

TIME TRIAL BIT: Riders leave 1 minute apart. (or less if more than 15 starters). Weakest to strongest, a self-assessment is encouraged. I reserve right to determine final order. Shirts is last. No strict route rules except for the checkpoints…(see below)

CHECKPOINTS (2): #1: at the eastern-most point of the Sir William MacGregor Drive, St Lucia
#2: Diane Street, Yeronga


so in for this!

So keen! Already designing the Christmas Beer for this one.

this is going to be awesome!!!

little brother, I’m going to fuking punish you

Can I go first please?

Def in for this

I wilk go after aaron or before ha ha

With the 23rd being a Friday, what time are you proposing?

early evening…like 5:30 for 6pm start.
happy to revise that if peeps think that is too early…

herpa derpa plurp… i run 1000km a week and ride 50000…

would be dissapointed if you did not dickhead. and your mum still like me better so eat smeg

That map looks like a cock.

you can have mum - I’m not interested

Wut? Hate to see what reference you have for this. :stuck_out_tongue:
A tapeworm cock perhaps…

Damn… wont be able to make it*. Heading to Taupo for polo tourney…

*and by this I mean thank god I have an excuse to not ride…

and by the way, you get no respect from me less you win on the charge (and no changing the gearing!!!)

lol - how fuking old are you brad???

48GI for a TT - yeah, maybe not… plus the weight of that rig’s about the only thing that outweighs my ego

The section around the uni looks like a bell end…


I was thinking on saturday my ride map looked like a mouse, but this one certainly doesn’t look like a cock, could be mistaken for thinking when mapping the course a cock got in the way, one of those “oops i fell and my erect condom clad cock landed on the inside of her anus” moments? Maybe we should decide the order based on who can draw the biggest, most realistic looking cock on mapmyride/bikely whatever? i’ve clapped (pun intended) out my internet so can’t provide example but you get the picture?

Might as well… In

Can the slower riders collaborate and team time trial it?