River Ride - 12 October 2013

Hoo boy! Getting excited for this.

I am double booked for this day…and I can’t shake the other event :frowning:

Rhys, c’mon dude, you already said yes to this!

Yeh Rhys. You already said yes. The other thing is gonna suck anyway.

peer pressure, getting shit done since 1937

C’mon Rhys!

Don’t be that guy, Rhys. I’m that guy. I’M THE GUY THAT FLAKES, NOT YOU!

So, this is this Saturday.

The forecast looks sunny and warm. Chance of a tailwind on the way home.

If anyone is wondering about transport, there’s a 5:45 train from Central that gets to Windsor at 7. Alternatively a 6am train that arrives at 7:20.

I’ll be driving and may possibly have a spare seat if anyone is looking.

Edit: New meet time of 8am.

Daylight savings, who knew?

This was awesome. Thanks to Alex for organising and to everyone else for being there and riding and stuff. Super great day, and I somehow snagged the KOM on the convict road climb up from Wiseman’s. At least until Olly uploads his ride, if he had a garmin (hoping he didn’t have a garmin…)

No garmin on Ollie’s bike. Pretty sure the most hi-tech thing on it was the handlebar bag.

That was a good day, thanks to everyone who made it. Feels like summer has started now.

Summer has definitely started. Time for 6am starts for rides…

Kinda stoked Ollie didn’t have a Garmin. I’ve never given much of a damn about KOMs but getting that climb feels pretty good, considering 8 years ago I had to walk up it with my mtb. I should also point out that at about the halfway point of the climb, when I was chewing bartape, Ollie made a phone call.

I’ll parrot the post I made on facebook: Thanks again for organising and what a great group of guys to ride with.

Things I probably won’t do again:

  • Shepards Gully on 23c tubs.

Sitting at Hawkins Lookout by myself trying not to die after the climb outta wisemans, my garmin was reading 38.9 in the shade.

Thanks Alex, great ride. So many different aspects to it: farms, bush, rivers, tar, world heritage listed gravel, fire-roads, real ale, ferries, and of course the heat. I was totally wrecked by the end of it, but in a good way.

Hey Alex, hey guys,

I’m planning a ride in the area on the coming weekend and wondered if you have some tips. Will be on my track bike (as always) and my girl will take her roadie (she’s faster than me unfortunately as she swims before and runs after her bike rides). We’d be looking at around the 100k mark and I’d like like it as rural as possible without having her struggle on her 23mm tires. Was thinking of paring the car at Wisemans ferry, maybe taking the Settlers Road (hows that one as its a gravel road isnt it?) I dont mind hills but prefer them rolling. Not afraid of climbs though.
Any tips which route to take and what to avoid having her 23mm tires in in mind and me being on my fixed gear?



Hey Marc,
settlers rd is gravel and pretty corrugated in parts. Doable with 23mm tyres but it’ll probably be pretty slow going, so if she can fit 25s or 28s that might help matters. Lorday did it on 23mm tubs, so it’s not out of the question.
The river road from wiseman’s back towards Windsor is bloody nice, if you went to St Alban’s, then back to Wiseman’s via the sealed road, then a bit of out and back on the river road you could get up to 100km and have a very nice ride with no epic hills to speak of.
Alex and Carlin will have more of an idea.

Yep, Wisemans Ferry to St Albans on the western side of the Macdonald river is about 20km one way and sealed. Very nice river riding, winding around in the valley. And the pub is worth the journey.

River Road heading west on the south side of the Hawkesbury is great, sealed, picturesque and winding along by the river.

On the north side of the Hawkesbury, it is hilly and gravel to the west (Bicentenary Road) and sealed to the east (Wisemans Ferry Road). East will take you up to Mangrove Mountain eventually.

It will get more difficult to get a loop in without either significant sections of gravel, as most of the roads turn to dirt as you get further away, or a massive distance. I would suggest maybe taking River road all the way, then left on to Sackville Ferry Road and then Cliftonville Road. I haven’t done this, but it looks good. Only downside is not going to St Albans.

Good luck, and let us know what you go with.

That loop to mangrove mountain, onto George Downs Rd-Peats Ridge Road back to Calga is on my must ride list. Not at any Strava/Garmin record setting pace mind. I road the U/19 State road time trial champs in '97 out along that road and its awesome!

So get some miles in your legs and we’ll tee it up for an early morning in summer.

Thanks already guys, sounds good. Will let you know what I end up doing. Love exploring (my girl doesnt really though and needs a plan) so I cant wait for it.

Ok my rough planning is now following. Will park the car at Windsor and ride from there to Wisemans Ferry, then to St Albans and back. Should be around the 120k mark and may sound boring to some but I rather stick to the sealed roads for the first ride in the area and my girlfriend seems to be a bit scared of gravel (these Triathletes, I tell you :wink: ). Any tips where to park the car in Windsor and how to find the right route to Wisemans Ferry taking it from there?