River Shhh-ity Swap Meet - 24 October 2010

River shhhh-ity swap meet

NOW ON THE 24th!!!

12pm - sunday 24th october 2010

musgrave park - grassed area next to polo courts

bring all your trash and treasures.

i posted this in the other thread.

Seventh Circle Studios & Dr Danger Bicycle Show & Shine and Swap Meet
Seventh Circle Studio
890 Stanley St East, East Brisbane
Brisbane, Australia

From midday bring your biggest, smallest, baddest, best pushbike (bmx, fixie, dragster, custom what ever the fuck you ride) over and have a BBQ (vegos/vegans catered for) and a couple of cheeky shandies.

Also if you have bits and pieces or complete bikes you want to sell, trade or just give away, bring it all in as well !!

Trophies and prizes awarded on the day !!!

i don’t understand why if you don’t organize it its not worth doing gypsy! seriously why not support something eles in brisbane instead of just trying to act like the big man.

Also the editor of MX called me again yesterday asking about bike polo national’s coverage. i spoke to you about this on friday and you said you had already organized it???

Everyone i personally know the boy’s down at seventh circle tattoo studio’s and they love the idea of getting more fixed rider’s involved in teh show and shine and they ahve the perfect area for a swap meet. if you can make it come and enjoy bikes of all kind’s and maybe even win a prize.

What date?

Is that the end of your rant and personal attack?


Kool. Well besides completely forgeting about that event and noone exactly raving about it in the other thread i decided to just pick a date and go for it.

Oh yeah and i’ll probs be out of town the 3rd of October with Antmandan and a few other members of the gang so i most likely wont be attended that other swap meet. But we’ll see…

as gyp stated. 3rd October rangdog. :slight_smile: sorry was cut and paste’in it from FB.

pfft, jumble is a jumble is a jumble is a jumble.

you can have more than one in a year, and in fact, it’s awesome to have them all the time because then you get more opportunity to buy and sell.

again… pffff… ride free!

still happening???

might postpone it til the weekend after. I think people are itching for polo and i wana advertise a little more on other forums. Plus i am in sydney this weekend. Found that at out last nite!!

Yeah next week would rule…

that’ll be good. was keen for this week, but the Berretto owners day ride is on this sun

double post

yesssssssssss looking forward to it… have so much to sell, but also things i am specifically after since my time trial frame just arrived.

See you tomorrow

starts at arund 12 guys. bring your cash so you can buy my shit!

It was good to rock up and watch some polo today. First time for my brother. Great to catch up with Dan. Sounds like your road ride yesterday was hot and tiring.

Glad to get rid of some stuff from the cave today. Thanks to those who took some stuff off my hands.

I got a big reminder of what riding the Queensland highways in the blazing sun is about, and got my arse handed to me in the process.

Thanks heaps Dan, the Raymonde is sitting in front of me, very very keen to build it up. Any history on the brand or anything?