rivet on cable guide options

So I lucked out and scored a very nice carbon frame on the bay while know one was looking BUT it’s Di2/ EPS only an I’m not there yet (and a Sram fan boy who can’t afford etap) so am looking to flip it for some bonus $$ but would very happily keep it.
SO, frame building gods of knowledge, what are the rivet on cable guide options out there? Nice ones only please. At a quick google I see Hillbrick have the sprung version below and Paint my bike (who’ll the job because local and capable) have the other option pictured… go

Seriously though, my first thought was to bond them on. Dunno much about it though.

I’d ask Dave Bohm. DM him on insta maybe.

Cheers pete… I had an NSR250 back in the day that was held together after a crash with zip ties.

Go one by and run a full cable for the rear mech…?

Really trying to turn into MikeD Pete?

Loki: what frame?

This, but the Di2 version… I’ll put a for sale up soon.

Bim bam boum. I saw it on the bay too.

If you’re thinking of flogging it later, why put rivets in the frame? It’ll lose value, and I would think that these beasts are not easy to pass on. My 2c anyway, what do I know :slight_smile:

Yeah Seb, agree with everything you said… it’s for sale now and I’ll only put the mech gear on if I decide to keep it if it doesn’t move. Will not be easy to pass on agreed but for the road it’s not what I need… maybe I’ll track dropouts put on it :wink:

sale thread here