RMIT designed superbike...

Very Rare Australian. Australian Designed and Hand Made. | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Brisbane North East - New Farm

he’ll only consider serious players…

There was an indoor cycling place in West End (where cyclological used to be) that had at least a dozen of these bikes. I think they were all sold off for peanuts when it closed down.

Well this one is advertised for $1.00. Wouldn’t buy many peanuts for that!

Just spoke to the guy, He sounded like a good guy.
He thought these were super rare and only 5 were made.
I let him know i know of 5 myself he was offered $3000 from a guy in canberra who was going to on sell it for $5000 but preferred it stayed in Aus,
I told him take the $3000 and run but he wanted me to buy it so not sure if there was an offer.
He wants $5000 i said its probably worth $1100-1500 max.

These are the alloy ones made by BOCAR the alloy bullbar company on the gold coast.

I’d struggle to part with even $1 for it.

And as a selling technique I think his $1 negotiable only means his and other people’s time is wasted. Pretty dumb imo

Yeah they weigh about 12kg and frame is about 5kg I think they are pretty shitty