Road cycling magazines mid 90's

Anyone know where to find scans of mid-90’s road cycling magazines, or do you have any I can borrow/buy/steal? :slight_smile:
Ideally road cycling magazines from the period 1992-1996.
I’m looking for inspriation maaaaannnn!


talk to dan shifter. his collection is impressive.

How about 1946?
Bike Magazine Scans - a set on Flickr

lols, I’ll keep googling for you

The Rotarian - Google Books

There’s bicycles in this magazine

Go to a suburban book exchange.

I’m hoping someone has done the work for me already.

perhaps you could find some hidden in a seatpost.

Get with the story bro, seatpost saga has been resolved.

Come on there must be other bike nerdz out there hoarding your old cycling mags under your bed…

I have some from 2005ish. Scott had just released a sub kilo frame, Cadel was stoked on an eighth at the Tour, and ten speed was still a bit special.

what kind of inspiration do you want? could always look to some old catalogues- or even images from the horton collection?
Or ask an old fart…I must be old, can’t handle that mid 90’s could be remotely retro???

^ Half the forum members are born after 1989- that’s scary.

If it’s ‘inspriation’ you’re after… there’s this thing called the ‘internet’. Like here, though nobody seems to use it, it has a search function.

Try here for starters… :slight_smile:
Velo-Retro: Links

Thank you, finally a helpful answer.

This one is worth a look…

Catalogs and Brochures (Bicycle Manufacturer Specific)

Ten speed is still special to dylan. Two weeks, and I’ll be all modern and that

The period I’m looking for has 8-speed Shimano. Dunno what Campagnolo was doing- probably reinventing the quick release skewer? :smiley:

you’d probably be better off asking for this stuff over at BNA, wouldnt you? all kinds of retrogrouches over there.

But not the same quality of grouch as here.

^We need an over 40 area