road frame suggestions

hey guys, I’m HATING the alloy frame on my fuji roubaix, so I’m looking for suggestions for a modern steel frame, which I can simply order through my LBS and transfer my parts straight over.
What frames would you guys/ladies suggest?
I had both the surly pacer: Frames | Pacer Frame
and the all city mr pink: All-City | Bikes
in mind, but surely, there must be more STEEL options out there? Brands don’t bug me, and i don’t want geometry that’s too aggressive, but I would like to race it one day.

The all city has one of those press fit bb30’s thoughh, idk if I like that.

Charge Juicer?

Jamis do some steel road frames too .

You’re hating it because the alloy frame is too harsh?
Changing from (I’m assuming) 23c tyres to 25c will improve things significantly.
But I know what you mean, Alu can be harsh.

Soma do a couple. ‘smoothie’ i think?

Road Frames

Stop shilling.

Soma Smoothie
looks nice. Nice price.

or fine something on ebay i reckon theres heaps on there

I’ve heard about this cool new website:

Frugal Rouleur

I love my cross check frame, it’s pretty heavy but does pretty much anything. You’ve got one anyway.
Why don’t you wait and get a classic frame when one comes up here or on ebay and build it up?
Thanks for the link Horatio. Wish I’d known about it on Saturday when I did a wiggle order

heh heh heheh.

BB30’s are awesome, except you will need to buy new cranks to take full advantage… otherwise you can put in a reducer and use your existing cranks.

Ok ok, the smoothie looks fantastic.

That’s neat!
Also, the ones in the fitzroy rev don’t look llike they’ll be my size/budget/steel.

omg blakey was on the ball again.
this looks boss.

get one of those shitty somec max frames that are all over ebay atm…

So after chatting with my main man Randy Andy Chololate Man Candy, and doing secret handshakes, and shuting out ‘beware the falcon!’, and playing with bottle cages, we called up dirt jerks, and got a some prices. Looks like I could end up with a Surly Pacer for around $500, or one of those champagne coloured salsa’s for around $8~900.
This is decently discounted though, so don’t walk into your local BSC and expect the same shit.

Opinions? Salsa’s better than a surly?

Pretty sure they come out of the same factory but salsa tend to use name brand tubing and have better paint jobs. I would go the surly at nearly the half price.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking. Love the crosscheck, rides SO well. When stripping the paint, I was really pleased with the build quality and all that, y’know? So that’l probably be the go. Still, I’ll make the judgement after I pay my phone bill and go for a nice long ride on the fujay tomorrow.

i’m inclined to agree. plus, the surly looks hot. i like that british racing green.

I’d personally be going for the Surly, Dyl. We’ve had a few come through work when they were going cheap from Dirtworks and they’re a very decent frame for such a price. I doubt you’ll have any problems choosing the Surly over the Salsa.