Road Pedals

So despite the amount of fun i have doing CX dismounts on my roadie thanks to my atacs i’ve decided that its probably worth finally getting ‘proper’ road pedals.

I figured the forum has to be useful for something other than laughing at Horatio’s questions and TDF discussions.

My budget is $150ish

I’m looking for opinions on these options (and maybe other suggestions):
[li]Look KEO2 MAX
[/li][li]Shimano (105/Ultegra)
[/li][li]Time iClic Racer or RXS
[/li][li]Speedplay Zero Chrome-Moly

I’d also be interested if someone has a pair of the above (or alternatives) in very good shape that they might want to get rid of…

I’ll have sidis for shoes if that matters (and in this modern world im not sure it does any more)

Hey i have shimano r075 shoes andkeo look crmo which i bought back in 2008/07. only used for about 500km
would you be intrested?
Oh and, they were good cleats I never had a problem with them. The bike store owner said he prefered them over the 105’s. But other than that thats all i can give

I think the Shimano’s are by far the best. The low end time and look pedals are plastic based and don’t last as long in my experience. Shimano are pretty much as light, and much more durable alloy. No experience with the Speed Play but have heard excellent things, unless your Brendan Bailey.
I have some pretty much as new Ultegra ones on my road bike which you can borrow/buy. The difference between the 105/ultegra/dura ace is fairly minimal. Between 105 and Ultegra it is just a matter of weight, between Ultegra and Dura Ace there is a slight bearing variation.

I can only give you my opinion of Shimano SPD-SL- good reputation for reliability, not the lightest but in typical Shimano fashion they are over-designed to last.
I’ve got 105, Ultegra and Dura Ace. Dura Ace is the nicest with lovely bearings but for price/performance the 105 is the one to go for. Must be only like $70-80 from my beloved Wiggle. There is actually no difference between the Ultegra and 105 pedals. I think Shimano say a weight difference of like 2grams but that’s BS

I am looking into the very same quandry at the moment. Running atacs on fixed and deciding where to go for the new roadie. here’s my thinking…

I read the new keo2’s can get squeaky.

Can’t do shimano on a bike with a campy groupset can I???
Don’t like the cleats on speedplay’s and the completely free float does not sit well with me.

Leaning towards i-clics or RXS I like the angular and lateral float that times have, and the centering spring tension. i-clics have a wider platform but RXS’s are supposed to be more secure (which i like) My feet are big so I want to make sure I have some good shoes as the RXS’s are probably the narrowest of the lot (albeit the longest). Also like the time walkable cleat.

Shimano 105 SPD-SL.

Cheap, good, common. As Horatio says 105 is the same as Ultegra, but 105 comes in BLACK.

(And we (HMC/me/Sime/you/Horatio/etc) can all swap bikezzzz)

I have a pair and some new cleats you can borrow for as long as it takes you to get your own pair.

Don’t you have the dominators? aren’t they a devoted MTB boot?

Currently i only have the doms, this will be changing.

SupermarcheD’amour - i like the way you are thinking. I’ve beenr eally happy with my atacs in all their forms and have heard some good stories about the RXS pedal. Plus I think the iClic sounds interesting.

Blakey/Horatio - cant go 105 as it would be a downgrade on the bike :stuck_out_tongue: but you make an good point (and i remember xBBx getting advised to not go for DA for his last set due to their being no real difference - ).

For some reason im not excited by the look of the shimano pedals and am intrigued by the speedplays and times. but bang for the buck they do look like the best option.

It sounds like I should just buy the shoes and borrow some shimanos from HMC/blakey to see if i can get over my fussiness.

i’ll see if anyone else has some comments to add before i do so… (i know sugarkanye/georgeseeker love them some speedplay action)

Downgrade from what? Oh you mean your Dura Ace 7700 groupset? In that case you should get a period-correct set of those suicide Dura Ace SPD-R’s… try unclipping from them!

The Dura Ace pedals are a lot better than the Ultegra/105 BTW, but there is no difference between Ultegra and 105.

I had the 105 spd sls for a couple of years. Never had a problem with them aside from hot spots on long rides as I don’t think they have the biggest pedal platform otherwise, they’re pretty bullet proof.

I recently got speedplay chrome molys. They’ve been reliable thus far. Very much like the non centred float. I don’t have it dialled out to the whole 15 degrees but has stopped a little niggle in my right knee that I had for a while.

If you don’t care about float I’d probably recommend the Looks, if you do, then get the speedplays. Mine were 130 from wiggle.

You’re going to listen to them?

I have some spare older style ultegra ones (plastic wear plate, not S/S), you can grab them to try out.

Branding is the only difference in 105/ultegra. DA gets a needle bearing rather than a bushing. Not worth it.

^ha whats that supposed to mean…

speed plays are the only duel entry pedals in the list…
the small size is a little deceptive because the the cleat it very large making the engaged area pretty large…
and as the cleats wear they get a little harder to get out of not easier unlike all the other pedals you have listed
the chromos are 109gs each

i have 2500km on mine and they are still totally sweet…
i re-greased em about 500km ago ( using a small syringe filled with phil grease as a grease gun )
and put german ti axles in em bringing the weight down to 76g each

it’s all very subjective to be honest but if you want an adjustable pedal then they are the biz!
only get the zeros though the light action and the x pedals feel awful under foot

I hate to admit it, but Speedplay pedals do work really well, especially their adjustability, but I can’t stand the hype that goes with them, about how light they are. What they fail to mention is the weight and size of the cleat, making the whole “light, small pedal system” advertising kinda pointless. They’re also the sort of pedal that you want to set up once and only once, because there’s a total of 7 bolts holding the cleat together (including the 3 holding them to your shoe), and, well, I’d rather just have a more traditional pedal.

105/Ultegra/DA pedals are quite possibly my favourite Shimano products. Easy to use, easy to adjust, and they just work the way they’re supposed to. Plus, they’re good enough for Lance, and that’s a good enough endorsement for me!

Thanks for your input… I’m going with some Ultegras thanks to a kind forum member who offered me a deal on a set that put them well under the cost of the most basic 105s.

I figure at that price its worth trying them… although good reports on the iClics and speedplays have me still thinking about keeping my options open later.

On our ride last night Shimano pedals were the dominant choice and no-one had any real complaints about them which says a lot (there were some fussy buggers out there).

The other thing with the SPD-SL’s is that they aren’t too bad to walk in. The speedplays can be slippery, you can get shoe covers for them though.


How are your road Ultegraz going? I’m about to move on up to some speed play as they have adjusting float as well as side angle. Trying to eliminate some knee pain. This was what was recommended. Apart from Physio and massage…

look keos are my faves

and to wheel works - even your hero lance uses look pedals now!

Thread dig:

I am looking to convert to speedplays. Have used Shimano for ever and never had any real problems. Still love them.

But i do hav a shit knee which, occasionally, still bothers me.

So my questions are:

what is the difference between the light action pedals and the zero? Is it just that you can adjust the float on the latter, where as the former you cannot?

Help appreciated.

Correct james,

Benifit of zero’s for me is that I only require slight float in one leg, so I have Nil on left and 2 degrees float on right.

Most others only provide either Nil or 5.

I like em, but just like shoes and helmets, they may not work for you, more than welcome to borrow a set from me dude.

They are great if you spend the time and get fitted in them properly,
I love mine.