Road ride from Gisbourne to Hanging Rock

Hi all,

does anyone want to join me on a road ride on this Sunday 17 Feb from Gisbourne through Mount Macedon, to Hanging Rock, Woodend and through Macedon back to Gisbourne

Yeah why not.
Does it cost? Can a hitch a lift with you? :evil:
As long as the weather is good

Cost is free

Wheather is good

Yes you can hitch a ride

Are you goin to be TUFF and do it fixed? :evil:

there is a great veeeerrrrry steep rd that you might like to check out say if you are going up the hill from Macedon through Mt Macedon on way to summit, I think just after or just b4 the pub, there is a street on the left, take that for about 500mtr I think and then turn right for some nasty switch back action, I will try to find the road and get the detail to you, when I was racing a fair bit and fairly fit I still jumped off as it was just nasty steep.


there is Douglas street on the left, take that for about 500mtr I think and then turn right into Alton Rd for some nasty switch back action,

Hey Damoh,

What time are you going up? I’m going to ride to Woodend from Melbourne after I race Sunday morning. Maybe I could catch up with you guys for lunch somewhere.

Woops, just clicked the link and I think you’ll be a little bit early for me. Have a good one though.

Old stomping ground…was a member of the Gisborne Cycling Club in 1987/8 - good memories. Climbing the mount in 42x18 was the norm (Lynchy was the King) and the bumpy rides back down were memorable for the speed and lack of road feel with jarred / frozen hands.

The old long woollen winter club jersey is still going strong in Brissy - a regular part of the kit on the daily fixed commute, and making the odd weekend crit appearance.